I Heart Paws

PetChatz has partnered with I Heart Paws to support their mission of helping nonprofit animal rescues.

Who is I Heart Paws?

At I Heart Paws we are a social enterprise designed on a unique platform to help nonprofit animal rescues raise funds to continually sustain their mission. We create partnerships with nonprofits across the United States to help develop and provide professional expertise to ensure each rescue emerges in their region, locally and globally.

Our I Heart Paws contributors provide their time & expertise in developing insights to help nonprofits grow, manage & sustain market changes. Our contributors include doctors, veterinarians, civil servants, nonprofit founders, board members, entrepreneurs and animal lovers.

We continually invest our knowledge to help advance nonprofit sustainability and help others starting or established become critical thinkers that is paramount to the sustainability of a nonprofit organization. We are defined by our contributors, nonprofits & pets. To help the millions of animal voices that seek adoption, care and happier families.

Happy Pets, Happy Nonprofits, Happy Families.