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What is the importance of the PetChatz ring tone?

What is the importance of the PetChatz ring tone?

The PetChatz ring tone is a unique sound that your pet will associate with great things that are about to happen (i.e. hear you, see you, and comforting scents and treats delivered). Your pet learns when they hear that sound, they will get a reward and this will be a fun experience they will not want to miss.

The PetChatz end tone acts as a no reward marker (NRM). The NRM tells the pet the interaction has ended. After several repetitions your pet learns that tone indicates the “game at PetChatz” is over for now. Professional trainers use NRM’s as a communication tool that is very effective.

PetChatz designed both the beginning and end ring tones to be simple and clear so that they will not blend or be confused with any other household sounds. They are unique and they work.

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