Do you sleep with your pet in bed with you, or at least in the same room? Many pet owners love to sleep with their animal companions nearby. For a lot of them, their pet is like a member of the family, so they wonder why they wouldn’t want to keep pets close at night.

Some people wonder, though, if sleeping with a pet could actually be harmful. After all, many pets are somewhat akin to children, and sleeping with a kid in bed is difficult! Pet owners may wonder if the benefits of sleeping with their pets outdo the potential drawbacks.

Pets in Bed: The Truth

Australian researchers found that having pets in bed did not seem to change the quality of sleep that the owners got. Some people took longer to fall asleep with their pet in bed. Others were more likely to wake from disturbances like barking. However, overall sleep quality did not seem to suffer.

If this is a concern, consider putting your pet in a pet bed that either lies on your bed or is on the floor nearby. This designated pet area keeps the animal close but minimizes the disturbances they can cause.

Social Support

Some people keep their pet in bed because they like knowing that another creature – and one they trust! – is nearby. There’s something about having a companion in bed that can make it easier to fall asleep and sleep well. Knowing your pet is nearby may improve your sleep simply because they are present.

Sense of Security

Other people like having their pets in bed because it makes them feel safer overnight. They know that the pet will alert them if there’s an intruder. Pet owners may also sleep better knowing that their pet is safe and is not roaming the house, getting into things. Instead of worrying, they rest easier if the animal is in their bed.

Lower Stress

If having your pet nearby lowers your stress levels, then it makes sense that you might want them around at night, too. Less stress will help you relax, which may improve your sleep. Whether you breathe easy because of their presence or because you know they aren’t destroying the house, you may sleep better with your pet nearby.

A Comfortable Companion

Other people love to have their pets nearby because it’s comfortable. If you’re cold, having a warm companion in bed with you might help you rest. Similarly, many pets are soft and that can be comforting too. Other people find petting their animals to be a comfort, so being able to do that at night helps them sleep well.

If you love to sleep with your pet in bed, keep doing it! If you’ve never done it, consider giving it a trial run. You may find that you love being close all night, just like you love being close during the day.