10 tips to have the perfect dog mom’s day

All week you are busy at the office, school or with your two-legged companions. Today is the day to celebrate your dog mom love. Here are ten tips to have the best Dog Mom’s Day. #DogMomsDay Head to the nearest dog park Play fetch with your furbaby https://1w9qai1nps2a1arnrz4lg07m-wpengine.netdna-ssl.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/FUNNY-VIDEOS.-This-dog-cant-catch-any-food-thrown-to-him-1.mp4   Plan a walk in the woods. Find a new favorite stick.               Head over to Dairy Queen for a pup cup for them and Blizzard for you.                       Spend time in your front yard playing with toys or relaxing together                     Watch your favorite dog movie.                    Take a selfie with your pup to celebrate being together. Post it on social using #DogMomsDay and #PetChatz                   Head [...]

4 Health Problems You Should Watch Out For With Your Dog

Health is a concern that all dog owners share. We want to know that we’re doing everything in our capacity to ensure our beloved pets lead a long and healthy life. But sometimes, these considerations get pushed to the wayside as we become less vigilant checking for signs our dogs aren’t in optimal health. Needless to say, it’s important to stay on track with keeping an eye out for any signs which point to health problems with your dog. Catching any health problems early will not only increase the chances of a quick recovery, it will also help ensure your [...]

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Creative and Cozy Dog Beds that You can Craft Yourself

Your dog shows you so much love and is always there for you. Each one of us dog owners wants to return the favor, so we shower them with treats and toys. Take it a step further by building your furry friend a cozy home, with your own two hands. Whether you make it from scratch or repurpose an old item, you can customize a DIY dog bed to fit your pup’s personality! There are tons of ideas out there; here are a few popular ideas that almost anyone can do!