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Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

If you’ve ever felt “I miss my pet” while you are away, you now can have instant access from anywhere.  Safe and easy to install, PetChatz® will allow you to bond with your pet on a whole new level.  How? Let us count the ways….


Be There From Anywhere

PetChatz allows you to connect with your furry friends from anywhere so you can always be there even when you can’t be with them.


Complete Interactive Experience

PetChatz is a totally interactive pet camera experience. From two-way audio and video to calming scent diffusion to nutritious treat dispensing to recording their antics while you are gone to monitoring their safety and security. No other product offers this type of holistic experience – you really can have it all!


Peace of Mind

You know you worry about them. Are they okay? Do they miss you as much as you miss them? Now you can put those concerns to rest – peace of mind is just a “chat” away with the PetChatz cat (and dog) camera.


Motion & Sound Detection

Keep tabs on noise and movement while you are away with our convenient alerts and “Silent Mode”. From rough play to thunderstorms to unwanted guests, now you can stay on top of what happens when mom and dad are away!


Comfort Them with Calming Scents

Does your pet ever get anxious? You can help them find “serenity now” with a burst of our specially formulated PetChatz Scentz® to make their time alone easier.


Made in the USA

Anser Innovation is proud to be focused on being a Midwest based technology company. We either make or assemble all of our products in the USA. From our manufacturing plant in Winona to our treat partners in the Minnesota heartland to onshoring the engineering behind PetChatz, we are committed to doing everything we can here in this great country.


Easy to Use Web and Mobile Apps

Whether you’re at your computer or on the go with your smartphone or tablet, our versatile web and mobile applications allow you to interact with your pet from anywhere. We even push software upgrades directly to your PetChatz unit making sure you always have the latest and greatest. Stay connected anytime, anywhere.


Your Pet Calls You

With PawCall®, you can train your four legged friends to let you know they are ready to talk. Lights lead to “pressing the button”, getting a treat and sending an alert that they need you!!


Game Mode

Now you can set up “Play Time” with PawCall – pre-scheduled lights and tones and your pet earns rewards for playing along. Good girl!!


Pet Safe Design

PetChatz is designed with your pet’s safety as our #1 priority. From shape to materials to total form and function – you can have confidence in the performance of our products. No corners, edges or cords to chew, PetChatz attaches securely to your wall as a wholly contained unit. Your safety (and that of your pet) equals our happiness!


Easy Set-up

Simply mount the bracket over any electrical outlet, plug in your PetChatz unit and secure the unit to the bracket. Within minutes you will be ready to chat with that “special someone”.


Reward Them with PetChatz Treatz®

With a single click you can reward your precious pets with highly nutritious all-natural treats uniquely formulated to be safe and nutritious for both dogs and cats.


Wi-Fi Enabled

PetChatz connects over your home Wi-Fi network so there are no extra cords to hide and no placement restrictions.


Unique PetChatz Ringtone

The “PetChatz Tone” will grab your pet’s attention and let them know “mommy’s here!!” (or dad).

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