Greet & Treat® Anytime

Greet & Treat®

When you’re at work. Or on vacation. Or just feel like checking in. PetChatz® is there when you can’t be. Hear and see each other while apart. Reward them with snacks and sniffs they love. Record and share fun videos. Play even when you’re away.
PetChatz lets you be there with your pet from anywhere.

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be there
from anywhere
Greet & Treat®
durable & safe
pet-friendly design
treat them
from anywhere
patent protected
comfort them with calming scents
capture the moment
easy video sharing
easy set-up
just plug & play
simple installation
works on any wi-fi network
easy web apps
remote control
no monthly fees
unique ringtone
while apart
be part
of their day
peace of mind

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