Why PetChatz®?


PetChatz® can be a part of making sure your pet knows you can “be there from anywhere” – making their lives better with scent, treats, audio (2-way) and video (2-way).


Curiosity – a common trait among animals that can lead to unwanted “exploration”. PetChatz® was developed with safety in mind – wall mount, hidden cord, see-through cover and rounded corners to discourage too much curiosity!


Healthy animals are happy animals. PetChatz is focused on making sure you pet stays healthy. Our PetChatz Treatz® are all natural, meat first and grain free – perfect for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Oh yeah, they are formulated for both dogs and cats too!


Let's face it – you get lonely for your pet (we know you do) – don't you think they get lonely for you? They are so happy to see you when you get home – why not help them feel that same feeling several times a day – even when you are away?


Wouldn’t it be great to monitor what your pet is up to while you aren’t home? With sound & motion detection, you can monitor the cute things your pets do and those “unknowns” that happen. Now, “not me” can be caught on tape!!!


PetChatz has focused on local sourcing as much as possible. From our Midwest assembled PetChatz and PawCall® to our Minnesota made PetChatz Treatz®, we remain committed to bringing good jobs back to the USA.

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The PetChatz® System

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