Please Meet Holli and Welcome Pretzel to our PetChatz Pack!

Holli and her daughter have run a non-profit kitty rescue for over 5 years. One special kitty named Pretzel crossed their path in August of 2017 and we are ever so glad she did! We were inspired by Pretzel and Holli’s story and hope it warms your heart as it did ours here at PetChatz.

One-year old Pretzel was found, gravely injured, on the streets of Tijuana, Mexico. She had been hit by a car and sustained horrific injuries that healed wrong. Her pelvis had been broken in 3 places, both legs were broken, and she had a large abdominal hernia. Somehow, she had survived in the streets for several months, with one of her back legs stuck straight out in front of her. Pretzel was so malnourished that her fur had turned rust colored.

After being rescued, Pretzel underwent several surgeries and had to have one of her legs amputated. Pretzel has recovered her health, revealed herself as a beautiful tuxedo kitty, and gets around well on three legs, using her other injured hind leg mostly for balance.

Today, she blesses the home of Holli who shared, “Pretzel is a truly exceptional cat. And as someone who rescues cats, I’ve had a lot of cats come into my life.” Pretzel now lives a wonderful life, having claimed Holli’s bed as her special place. And as one of our newest Pack members, she perks up her ears and pays attention when her Mom Holli calls to check in on her during the day on their new PetChatz HDX!

Happy New Year, Pretzel! We are inspired by your story and grateful to Holli and so many others for the work they do rescuing animals in desperate need.