Wish to Help Your Family Bond With Your New Pet? Here Are 5 Ways

Your dog is more than an animal. It is your gateway to unconditional love and affection. For your dog to feel the same, it is essential for your dog to be given an opportunity to bond with the family.

If you have kids at home (here’s a list of family-friendly dog breeds), try including with our pet so that they learn to share your time and affection.

1.     A Weekend Getaway

If you are carrying your dog along with you then the best place would be near the beach or the ocean. Always check in advance if the hotel takes reservations for dogs. Driving down to a pet-friendly hotel where it is close to the beach will help you and the entire family to bond with salt and water.

2.     Fun Activities

There are a number of these activities that can be played by other family members. If you include your dog in games like run and fetch, swimming and dancing etc. You are basically inviting him or her to be a part of the family. You are also giving everybody in the family the opportunity to laugh out loud at the antics of your pet.

3.     A Game of Frisbee

A Frisbee is what you should have while playing a game of fetch. Dogs simply love the sight of anything that is tossed high up in the air or any fast-moving object. You could ask your sister, father, mother, husband, etc., to play fetch with the little one.

4.     Family Road Trip

There is nothing like a family road trip to help acclimatize the members with your new pet. They might just not be welcomed yet but it is only a matter of time till your dog might be pulling at your father’s shirt and pawing your brother in jest. A family road trip will strengthen bonds in ways that nothing else can.

5.     Summer Camp

If your kids are yet to be acclimatized with the new dog at home, one of the ways in which you could get it done is by taking your kids as well as your dog for a summer camp.

Kids love the idea of a summer camp and considering the fact that there will be a lot of swimming, and fun activities around, your dog will love the idea of a summer camp. Once your kids get used to playing with your dog and are not afraid of it anymore, they will eventually take a liking to it and will not fear the idea of being around it ever again.

Wrap Up

Raising a pet is easy but giving it the comfort of being at home is not as easy a task. However, it is not impossible because there are a million ways in which you could help your family bond with a precious new addition.

After all, they do grow up rather quickly don’t they? (both the kids and the dogs)

Author Bio

This post was contributed by Pete Decker, the Lead Editor at The Goody Pet. Pete loves to share his passion for pets through snippets of interesting and helpful information. Find Pete here > Twitter or Facebook.