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My Dog’s Diary

Have you ever just looked at your dog and thought “you’re an absolute nutter”?! I do every single day! I know our friends at The Classic Dog Blog do as well. Like many dogs, mine finds everything in the world so EXCITING! Every activity, whether it’s waking up or going for walks’ is their FAVORITE thing to do! It’s like your dog is constantly ready to party at all times without even knowing the consequences! You just have to say any word in a high-pitched voice, and they are there, ready to go, bouncing off the walls! Your dog is that [...]

We’re #1!

When it comes to chatting with your pet, quality is everything. With PetChatz® HD you don’t have to settle. In fact, our system was recently rated the #1 pet communications technology by BestPetCam.com, with its first-ever 5-star review. Here’s a quick preview of what they had to say: (more…)

Now Shipping: PetChatz® HD Brings You Closer to Your Pet

See more whiskers – hear more meows! PetChatz® HD is now shipping as an updated version of our recently released PetChatz “Greet & Treat” videophone, letting you connect with your pet from anywhere, anytime through your smartphone, tablet or computer to hear each other, see each other, speak to each other, and dispense treats and scents. (more…)

What is the importance of the ring tone at the beginning and end of a chat?

The PetChatz ring tone is a unique sound that your pet will associate with great things that are about to happen (i.e. hear you, see you, and comforting scents and treats delivered). Your pet learns when they hear that sound, they will get a reward and this will be a fun experience they will not want to miss. (more…)