It is unfortunate to see your dog in pain. Isn’t it? Even though you take care of the dog carefully, arthritis and joint pain can strike at any moment. Nowadays, 1 in 5 dogs has arthritis where the deterioration of ligaments and cartilage between bones occur. Arthritis can affect your young pups too. So, it is important to notice your dog every time especially if it has stopped running around and jumping onto the heights like they used to. It can be a warning sign of joint pain.

When it comes to relieving the pain, a “big gun” pharmaceutical will not be effective. A well-planned approach to deal with dog’s specific issues leads to best outcomes.

Here are 10 tips for natural pain relief for dogs.

  • Healthy weight­ is important

Overconsumption of food leads to weight gain that causes stress on the joints. Start a weight loss plan if your dog is obese. Whereas if your dog has a healthy weight and still arthritic, be sure to maintain their weight with gentle exercises and healthy diet.

  • Choose right supplements

It is quite important to choose the right joint health supplement that provides the accurate dosage of nutrients and vitamins. Many of the supplements are heat treated which destroys nutrient viability. If you feel excruciating with your dog’s joint pain, try natural pain relief for dogs for excellent healing properties with homeopathic ingredients.

  • Try out natural remedies

The food you feed the dog must meet their nutrient requirements for a pain-free life. Feed them with additional Vitamin C, Sodium Oxide Dismutase and Vitamin E for bone strength and immunity. Nutrients like turmeric, Boswellia, coconut oil can also be given to your dog for anti-inflammatory effects.

  • Make them active

If your dog is arthritic, it is essential to make them active with short play sessions and shorter walks. You don’t need to take them to beach or ground to revamp the exercise routine. Playing indoor on a soft mat will be a good idea to recover your dog from joint pain to an extent. A routine work out right from the start helps them to deal with the pain more than those who are not active yet.

  • Acupuncture reduces the pain

Don’t worry about inserting dozens of needles into dog’s body. Acupuncture is quite popular now and has proven results for many ailments, including arthritis.

  • Massage therapy

Massage your dog as they are quite fond of it as we do for stiff muscles and aching joints. A gentle touch or massage helps to relieve their pain quickly. You may also approach human therapist who works on pets to offer this excellent service to your dog.

  • Hydrotherapy

Get a hot tub to make them swim at home, or you can take them for low impact exercise, say weekly swims. The hot water helps to reduce their pain and aches. Many specialty centers and veterinary hospitals are coming forward to offer their service for arthritic pets with mobility issues. So, if you are not sure about therapy procedures, it is advisable to seek expert help.

  • Provide an orthopedic bed

When your dog is in pain, it will be difficult for him/her to sleep on the floor. Provide an orthopedic bed for support and comfort to reduce the pain while resting and sleeping. Choose the right and comfy bed for your pet and check your dog regularly if pain persists or not.

  • Prevent injury from slipping

The tiles and floor may be slippery and cause your pet uncomfortable while walking.

  • Trim fuzzy foot pads of your dog to avoid getting injured.
  • Make a comfortable resting place as it is challenging to get up from a slick floor.
  • Consider carpet runners or rugs where your pet walks.
  • Trim nails regularly and it is better t make them wear pet socks for additional care.
  • Follow a perfect diet

Introduce fresh whole foods with full of live enzymes like fruits and vegetables that support sound health. Fibrous foods help in digestion and improve stools. Also feed a variety of foods rich in anti-inflammatory properties like papaya, celery, alfalfa, and ginger. Include protein rich foods and other nutrients in the diet for the healthy well-being of your dog.

Maintain your dog with excellent nutrition and plan a routine work out for fit and structurally sound dogs.