5 Tips: Car Travel With A Dog

Taking a trip with your pooch can be a mutually great experience, but the journey is often less so.

Here we provide some tips on car travel with Dog in tow, to help to make it more enjoyable for you both.

  1. Be Prepared For The Unexpected

That’s right, of course, whether you are going for a long break (a weekend) or just the day, it is always best to remember everything you might need.

As always, when going into a different environment, ensure your beloved Dog is traceable, you never know when they will run for the trees and go for a little adventure without you!

So,  the right thing to do is make sure they are wearing their collar and have their ID tag visible and up to date.

  1. Be Prepared For The Expected

Very important also to ensure their food bowls are to hand and that you take more than enough food than you expect to use, just in case!

Also, remember to bring extra water, especially if you are planning on going for lots of walks.

As well as this, you will want to take their bed and blanket if staying overnight, but also to make sure they’re comfortable in transit.

For outdoor pursuits or if you know your dog enjoys getting dirty take old clothes and towels to dry them off or remove dirt.

  1. Prepare the Car

These might seem like something you would prefer not to use, but for some, it is a way of keeping a dog under control.

A crate or restraint can ensure your dog is safe, just make sure you find one the right size for your dog and vehicle.

If this isn’t the approach, you will go for, and you know your dog is fine on a seat then be prepared and get yourself a dog car seat cover. No one enjoys hoovering the car – you will almost never get the dog hair out!

  1. Take Plenty Of Rest Stops

Rest stops are a good idea for dogs as well as humans.

For really long journeys you want to stop oftne, make sure everything is okay, get water and a stretch your legs. If you like to break up a trip for a toilet break, then make sure your dog gets the opportunity as well.

While is an excellent chance to give your dog a chance to burn off some steam while you are it, this will make them more comfortable and able to rest easier.

  1. Consider The Conditions

On hot journeys, make sure you are not leaving your dog in an uncomfortable state. Do not leave them alone in a hot car if you are stopping.

Also, when stopping, make sure you do so away from traffic, primarily if your dog will use any opportunity to take itself for a run!

Ultimately, just prepare adequately and you will find yourself making memories for your family, and that includes your Dog.

Guest Author Bio: Cindy Grant is a crazy fan of dogs, cats, and other cute in-house pets. She’s also the founder of NolongerWild.com where you can read more about pet breeds, training, and behavior.