• Life Hacks – Going to the Dogs. From the Krazy Koupon Lady, we found 10 ways to make your dog’s life better – and be creative at the same time.  We like this one the best: use Dawn dish soap to give your dog a “flea bath”.  Apparently, Dawn breaks down the flea’s exo-skeleton killing them immediately.  Who knew?  See these 10 great dog hacks here: 10 Great Dog Hacks
  • Now, there is a definitive (The Chatter uses that word tongue in cheek as the study was done via Facebook profile) study on the differences between Dog People and Cat People. Strangely enough, some of the stereotypes are true!  Here is a link to the article on Glamour – and watch the video at the end, cute puppies are always fun: Dog People vs. Cat People
  • PetChatz® is getting press all over the world – we have been featured in videos in the UK and several articles in Europe. Our friends at HundeMagazin.net sent us the article they published (The Chatter’s German is a bit rusty – so a translation from Google was necessary) – see the link here: PetChatz in Germany.  Good news for all of our friends and followers in the UK/EU, we are very close to becoming available in your market.  We are finalizing an EU certified treat and expect to be in market Q4 of 2016 (the October – December time frame).
  • Some Calvin & Hobbes to make your day better: