Beluvv was a smart pet device / pet tracker – BeLuvv, a Taiwanese start up company came up with an answer to the problem of losing pets and kids: “Guardian” was a wearable device that can help parents locate their kids or pets if they wander off, and aid in the location of children before they go missing permanently.

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From Beluvv’s old website:

Beluvv’s Story

Changing the world with small steps.

We believe that spreading love is the meaning behind our product’s existence. Between parents and children, between men and women, between friends and between siblings, love in all its forms is one of the most important aspects of our lives. The most important value of our product is about spreading love, and allowing love to manifest itself in our daily lives. By providing an affordable, innovative, high-tech and cleverly designed wearable, we hope to help make the world a better place.

The name: BeLuvv

BeLuvv is derived from the words “be loved.” We sincerely hope to allow people to experience love through our products. This is a motivation that has been with us since the beginning. Products by BeLuvv are ultimately products about love.

Meet the founders


Johnny Fang

A serial entrepreneur, loving husband, kind father of two, dear brother to his sister, beloved son of his parents, understanding friend to many, passionate founder of two companies — Fang plays multiple roles that involve love. In his life mission to discover more effective ways of spreading love, he has held on to the firm belief that the world can be changed.



Dizzy Ha

“Life is full of surprises”
Dizzy started his career as a designer for a fashion magazine. Judging from his experience, it is fair to say that Dizzy is a multi-talented and highly experienced creative director. Apart from being a creative director, Dizzy is also a father, a husband and a brother. Because of these roles, he has gained deep insight into things that cannot be ignored.

Give One Love


We believe that profit making is only one aspect of corporate management. We believe that a company’s most important mission is giving back to society. Therefore, we’ve initiated the Give One Love project to further expand our corporate social responsibility. We are a company staunchly devoted to doing good. Technology can help us solve many problems, and as a technology-based company, we think of different ways to apply technology and make products that can change the world. We are a company dedicated to making positive changes.

Two for One

There are many people around the world who are less fortunate than us. We want to help them. When our customers buy two BeLuvv products, we will donate one to those in need. We believe that by doing this, we will be taking a small step toward making the world a better place.


How We Give One Love

With an open heart and mind, we plan to donate our products to individuals in need and nonprofit organizations. Tell us about your needs by sending mail to . Our specialists will get in contact with you.


  • Q. What is Puppy? How do they work?

    Beluvv Puppy is the world’s first wearable device that builds a safety network for your pet. With this app-connected BLE device, you can keep track of your pet with your smartphone anytime.

    (1) First, you can set a safety range with the Beluvv app and it will notify you when your pet wanders too far away.

    (2) Also, you can establish a safety network by inviting people you trust to co-guard your pet.

    (3) In case of a missing incident, we also have a global searching system in which all Beluvv users will assist in the searching process.

    BeLuvv Puppy provides you with an extra set of eyes on your pet at all times, making life easier for you and safer for your pet.

  • Q. What device is compatible with BeLuvv Puppy?

    BeLuvv Puppy support iOS 7 and above and will work with iPhone 4S or later, iPod Touch 5th gen or later, iPad 3rd gen or later, and iPad mini 1st Gen or later.

  • Q. Does Puppy work on Android, Windows Phone, or Blackberry?

    We do hope that everyone can use our product, but due to so many different devices on the market, we aren’t able to accommodate every platform at this stage. Initially, we released the iOS version, but as we see a growing demand for Android, we are currently developing the Android version, which will support Beluvv soon. We will also work to support other platforms in the future. Please stay tuned.

  • Q. What is the effective range of BeLuvv Puppy?

    The signal reception quality is effective up to 230-feet (60-meter) radius of your smartphone, which allows you to easily keep an eye on your pet from a distance. But please note that obstruction in your environment might affect the signal strength you receive.

  • Q. What’s the battery life of Puppy? Where can I buy the battery?

    The CR2032 battery is used in Puppy devices, lasting between 4-12 months depending on how often you use your device. This kind of battery is very common and you can buy them in most convenience stores and shopping malls.

  • Q. When my puppy is missing, will strangers know the location of my puppy?

    Beluvv has a highly secure system that prevents unauthorized devices from accessing your pet’s location. Anyone who wishes to co-guard your pet has to be approved by you. And to protect the privacy and safety of pets during global search, when they step into the effective range of the closest Beluvv-equipped device, their signal will be captured and sent to you privately without the user ever knowing about it.

  • Q. Do you ship internationally? How long will it take?

    All the orders will be shipped from Taiwan via international postal services and will be delivered to you in 1-4 weeks from the date that it is shipped out depending on local conditions.

  • Q. How can I track the status of my order?

    For every shipment, you will be provided with a tracking number to get updates on your delivery.