Contessa from Arizona frequently travels for business, which leaves her longing for her two dogs and cat. Fortunately, her PetChatz lets her stay connected from anywhere. Here’s her story:
“Both my Rottweiler Sheba and my American Bulldog Duke respond well to the system. Even our cat Leo is starting to get in on the chatting. I travel for business and have the neighbors watch them. I love that I can have it in Silent Mode to just check in and call when I am ready to chat.”
“My American Bulldog recently ate a pretty large bandage right before I was leaving on a trip. All though I knew my neighbors would take good care of him it was great to be able to check in and see with my own eyes that he was doing well.”
“My pets are my kids so it’s nice to be able to give them a treat even if I am hundreds or thousands of miles away. I am in sales and my coworkers and clients love to call the pups with me!”