3 Cool Dog Gadgets To Give Your Home A Futuristic Look

This is the 21st century. It is certainly a different world today. According to American pet products association, Americans pet spending has reached $63 billion the last year (2016).  These days technology and gadgets aren’t just for humans, there are hundreds of amazing high-tech tools out there for puppy lovers. With this new technology, we the pet owners can maintain our busy lives well while making sure that our dogs are not feeling alone. With something for everyone, here are the three high-tech dog gadgets that can help improve your dog’s quality of life.

Choose any one of these and give your dog the taste of the best doggie life. And for sure they will show their affection in their own special way.


  1. Dyson Groom

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Dogs are one of our greatest companions in the world. But there is a thing which we all pet owners hate? It’s the pet hair. Like everything, there is a solution for it too. The Dyson Groom. This tool removes hair directly from your dog before it’s shed all over the home. It’s a single handled groom, removes loose hair and sucks straight into the vacuum, so there is no need of cleaning the room after using it. And to say, it is not always possible to keep your home fur-free. Indoor dogs can shed at any time. And if you decide to clean those pet hairs with a regular vacuum cleaner it takes half of your day. For those, it’s the right time to get a robot vacuum. It saves both your effort and time. Simply, it adds hours to your day (no effort for cleaning). The only effort is to find out the best model which perfectly suit your needs. Well, check out this website for robot vacuum (Roomba) reviews with comparison chart.


  1. Petnet Smart Feeder

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Making sure your dog is well cared-for even when you are far away from them., can provide you the greater peace of mind. But what if one wanted to live their busy life without having to make arrangements for your pet? Well, here comes the Petnet SmartFeeder. This is one of the best automatic pet feeders available on the market today. The Petnet SmartFeeder is the amazing gadget to keep your pets well fed from your smartphone or laptop connected through an internet connection. No other pet feeder overcomes the features came along with this pet feeder’s smartphone app. For those who want to have an automatic feeder for their pets, PetNet is currently the best choice.


  1. PetChatz

Only the pet lovers know how hard it is to leave their pets alone.  But now a great relief with this new technology which let your pet know that you are thinking about them. Out of all dog gadgets existing today, this is my favorite one. PetChatz is the leading dog gadget with a lot to talk about. It enables our pet owners to communicate with pets most effectively. What makes the “most” is, its two-way video, like a video call between your friends (Now you can understand why it is my favorite). With the help of PetChatz, one can video chat with their pet from anywhere in the world. A special ringtone tells the pet when its owner is calling, the device is Wi-fi connected and the owners log on to Petchatz on their laptop or smartphone app to talk to their pet. Also, PetChatz dispenses treats and calming scents which help dogs relieve their anxiety. How awesome is it, Right? Yeah. The most exciting, loving, amazing and interesting gadget for both pet lovers and puppies.