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DogTV – Streaming NOW on PetChatz HD

DogTV – Streaming NOW on PetChatz HD

  • Shelter Study – as many long time PetChatz followers know, Dr. Nicholas Dodman has been one of our “go to” pet behavior experts. We are working in conjunction with Dr. Dodman and other third parties (more on that below) to create and execute a first of its kind study on animal behavior – the impact of regular engagement with images and sound on shelter animal behavior.  A “known” fact is that the longer animals spend in a shelter, the lower their overall chances for adoption.  This heart wrenching fact shows how dependent animals are on human interaction and regular multi-sensory stimulation.  The goal of the study is to determine if remotely generated content can serve as a proxy for “in person” interaction and reduce the overall stress/anxiety levels of these animals and ultimately make them more adoptable.  We will keep our network posted on actions we take and results of this ground breaking work.DOG TV
  • DogTV – PetChatz is proud to announce an evolving partnership with DogTV. Not only will DogTV be part of the study referenced above (DogTV provides content, PetChatz provides the technology to deliver the content to individual animals within a shelter) but this arrangement will also have other ramifications for PetChatz customers – we will begin offering a free one-month trial to DogTV to all PetChatz purchasers starting later in 2016.  Additionally, we will explore joint marketing efforts where PetChatz will be able to share information about DogTV to the PetChatz user base and DogTV will begin to share information about PetChatz with their user base.  We are looking forward to a great and expanding relationship with DogTV!!  Watch for more information in the future as we finalize this very cool relationship. – UPDATE (3/7/17) : PetChatz HD now streams DOGTV. 

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  • meowbrand

    This is a wonderful idea. It will not only help the dogs needing to be adopted but will also spread more awareness. Maybe more people will think to go to a shelter before buying pets from pet stores.

    September 16, 2016 at 7:20 pm

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