Whether it’s for a high energy puppy or older dogs simply young at heart, Michigan resident Jennifer Litomisky can attest that PetChatz® provides a soothing presence in her home far beyond the calming scents it provides.

Jen first became interested in PetChatz as a way to stay connected and check in on her fur babies Liz (12) and Charlie (5) throughout the day. It wasn’t until she decided to adopt a third dog, Steph the mixed-breed havanese puppy, a breed known for its clingy and anxious behavior, that she made the PetChatz purchase.

“At first, I wasn’t sure that PetChatz would really work for my dogs, but after only two rings the dogs knew exactly what was going on! It was so cool that the older dogs were able to learn to use the device, and it was absolutely astounding that a puppy that was only 3 or 4 months old learned how to use it so quickly. Now the only ‘problem’ is that the little dog is VERY fast – but the older ones make sure they get in there as well!”

After four months with PetChatz, Jen has noticed a significant change in her pets’ reactions when she leaves the house.

“PetChatz relieves that anxiety when I’m gone. Before I purchased the PetChatz unit, my dogs would look at me with sad faces every time I left for work and would be so excited to see me when I returned home. Now I usually call in everyday around lunch and they’re always waiting for me. I think PetChatz played a large part in the process of alleviating anxiety for all my dogs, especially the puppy, because they know that I will be checking in on them during the day, and of course, giving them a treat.”

See little Steph in action!