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PetChatz Digital Daycare

Welcome to Digital Daycare

For your Home Alone Dog and Cat

  • No daily/weekly rates*

  • Easy set-up in your home

  • Fully customized to your schedule

  • All-day mental stimulation for your fur baby

  • Your dog can contact you during the day

See what a day with Digital Daycare is like from a dog’s point of view.

Digital Daycare is a day full of fun while mom or dad is away.  In the morning, you will relax with DOGTV. A late morning game of PawCall to keep your mind sharp. At noon, your parent is eating lunch and you are chatting. You press the PawCall and your parent starts the chat. After you both giggle and you are shown to the whole office, it’s back to fun. You dive into a few more DOGTV shows, another PawCall game and in 3 minutes (or two years), your belly scratcher is home. Your mind was working all day, you are tired. Their mind was working all day, they are tired. You rest on the couch. A perfect day because of Digital Daycare. Yes, it’s really that easy, and it’s really that fun. It’s the next best thing to you and your parent cuddling on a couch.


DOGTV is a live stream channel that provides the right company for dogs when left home alone. DOGTV helps stimulate, entertain, relax and habituate dogs with shows that introduce them to various movements, sounds, objects, experiences and behavior patterns, all from a dog’s perspective.


To experience Digital Daycare, have your human purchase PetChatz HD and PawCall. Once you receive your PetChatz and PawCall, your human will be able to schedule call mode, game mode, and control your DOGTV. Sorry, they get the control. In just a few minutes, you’ll be loving Digital Daycare. We know you don’t like it when they leave, but with Digital Daycare, it’s the next best thing to them staying home.

*As a PetChatz owner, you receive two free months of DOGTV. After the inital trial period, DOGTV costs $9.99/month.