PetChatz HD

PetChatz HD

The only complete sensory experience for your pet!
The PetChatz system starts with the HD unit – a totally immersive experience that allows you to be there from anywhere for your pet.

  • Two-way HD (low light) video camera and full-frequency two-way audio system
  • Reward them with PetChatz Treatz® & comfort them with PetChatz Scentz® (Calming) from your smartphone, tablet or computer
  • Sound and motion detection with alerts
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled
  • Sleek and pet-safe system
  • Compatible with PetChatz PawCall® (so your pet can contact YOU!)
  • Streams DOGTV (subscription required)


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Please note: PetChatz® HD is currently available for shipment and use in the United States and Canada.  You will be notified upon shipment of the actual product or of any delays. Free shipping UPS Ground (excludes Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada).

High speed (broadband) internet access is required to support two-way video and sound.  A minimum of 2Mbps upload speed is required, but to optimize performance we recommend 4Mbps upload speed or higher.

PetChatz HD is the award-winning Greet & Treat® videophone that allows pet parents to be there from anywhere for their pet. With PetChatz HD, you can see, hear, speak to, provide a comforting scent and give your pet a treat using a smart phone, tablet or computer. PetChatz also has sound and motion detection that sends you alerts of a sound or motion event (barking, mischief, etc.). Equipped with premium two-way audio and an HD low-light camera. Compatible with the PawCall® accessory, which lets your pet contact you (optional; sold separately). With PetChatz HD, you can have peace of mind knowing your pet is safe and happy in you are away. You never have to miss a moment with PetChatz HD.

Package includes the PetChatz HD unit and mounting bracket, one pack of PetChatz Treatz, one pack of PetChatz Scentz Pads, sample vial of PetChatz Scentz Essential Oil Drops (Calm) and easy installation instructions.

Purchase also includes the Premium PetChatz Network Service featuring: (1) Unlimited audiovisual streaming, (2) Over-the-air software upgrades, and (3) Unlimited Customer Care assistance.


  • Sleek, durable, pet-safe design
  • Special PetChatz ringtone to alert pet of your call
  • HD, low-light camera
  • High-resolution LCD screen
  • Full-frequency audio system for robust sound
  • Built-in microphone and speakers for two-way sound
  • Sound detection + alerts
  • Motion detection + alerts
  • Scent diffusion system
  • Treat dispenser (approximately 150 treats inside)
  • Treat level indicator
  • Low treat volume notification
  • Treat counter (to track number of treats given per day)
  • Free, secure mobile and web app
  • Simple set up and intuitive interface
  • Pet training guide and video


  • IEEE 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi router with WPA/WPA2 security
  • WPS Protected Setup supported
  • High speed (broadband) internet access to support two-way video and sound
  • Minimum 2 Mbps internet upload speed
  • Compatible with iPhone: 5 or later and iPad. Optimized for iOS 8.1.1 or later
  • Compatible with Android: Dual core with Android 4.1 or later
  • Computer with a webcam

PetChatz Conforms to:

    ETL Listing for North America UL 60950-1, Issued: 2007/03/27 Ed: 2 Rev: 2001/12/19 Information Technology Equipment Safety Part 1: General Requirements • CSA C22.2#60950-1, Issued: 2007/03/27 Ed: 2 (R2012) Information Technology Equipment Safety Part 1: General Requirements; Amendment 1:2011. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Verification for the United States • FCC 47CFR 15B clB, Issued: 2011/04/21, Title 47, CFR Part 15, Subpart B Unintentional Radiators Class B Verification. Industry Canada (IC) Verification • ICES 003, Issued 2012/08/01 Spectrum Management and Telecommunications Interference-Causing Equipment Standard.

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs

Product Information

Durable & Pet-Safe:
PetChatz HD is made of durable material and designed with pet safety in mind. The small, sleek, chew-resistant, low-profile unit makes PetChatz HD ideal for pet safety and durability.

Every angle, surface, material, feature and function is designed with pet safety in mind. There are no corners, edges or electrical cords that can be chewed.

PetChatz HD mounts directly over an outlet and is screwed securely into a wall stud, leaving little opportunity for a pet to tear it off the wall. When properly installed PetChatz HD is safe for your pets and cannot be easily damaged.

Easy to Clean:
PetChatz HD is easy to clean. The removable treat hopper and easy access treat chute make cleaning a snap. When used correctly with PetChatz Treatz® and PetChatz Scentz®, no other maintenance is required.

Complements Home Decor:
PetChatz HD complements any home decor without taking up any floor space. Its sleek, modern style is ideal for any room in the home.

PetChatz HD can be mobile with the optional PetChatz Stand and can be with your pet anywhere! With temporary PetChatz HD wall-mount options, you can use your PetChatz HD in a veterinary hospital, boarding kennel or even a pet-friendly hotel.

High speed (broadband) internet access is required to support two-way video and sound. Your internet access speed will dictate video resolution and video frame rate. We recommend 2 Mbps minimum upload speed. To test your internet speed, go to

No Monthly Fees Required:
We offer UNLIMITED CHAT TIME to make every day calls to your pet with PetChatz® HD. Our Cloud Package provides an unlimited amount of audiovisual data streaming per day.

Please note: Apple limits (non-http) video chat streaming on iOS cellular devices to 5 MB data or 5 minutes, whichever comes first. The limit does NOT apply if you are using a Wi-Fi network.

Also available at no additional charge:
Access to helpful instructions for use manual, setup videos, and pet training video.


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    Just got my PetChatz HD and I love it!!

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