As a dog father, you have the chance to choose your next best friend. We want to make sure you are fully prepared for this journey.  Let’s see what kinds of dog might be suitable for you.

German Shepherds are very smart and handsome. They can learn and listen to your commands in a very short time. You can communicate and play with them easily. Their average height is 58-63cm. Their very active and will protect you.

Border Collies are extremely smart. They are the champion of various rankings. Being independent and energetic makes them become the first sheepdog for sheepherder. The average height for a Border Collie is about 50-53cm.  If you don’t have a yard to play with a Border Collie, they might not be a good choice to you.

A Bernese Mountain dog is like a prince among all dogs. They have strong legs and chests, and a meek and kind character. Unlike a Chihuahua, they won’t provoke others frequently. Their average height is 58-70cm and average weight is 32-54kg.

A Siberian husky is originally from Siberia and worked as a sled dog. They look like wolves overall, but their faces are more like a fox. With strong muscles, walking around is not enough for a husky. If you are not energetic enough to run and play with them, this naughty boy or girl might not be your best choice.

An Akita is very powerful and strong. Just like Forest in Hachi: A Dog’s Tale, an Akita is very loyal and brave. When they’re young, “parents” should train them appropriately. They might be harder to take care of when they grow up.

French Bulldogs are very small and quiet. If you are a father of several dogs, you don’t need to worry about a French Bulldog because they are easy-going and can play with large dogs peacefully. You’ll be taking care of a sweetheart.

Picking your puppy is like picking your best friend. We recommend spending a little time with the dog before you make your selection. From this point forward, you will be a DOG DAD. Welcome to the fraternity of men who love dogs.