When you decide to have a pet dog, you take on a huge responsibility. You have the responsibility for a new life, and you must take care of them since they cannot take care of themselves.

Most people tend to forget the fact that dogs are living beings, too, and they can have the same problems that human beings do; but they cannot be verbal about it. Just like human beings have mental health issues, dogs may develop them, as well. These problems mostly arise when dogs have been left home alone all day at home.

Since most people are either studying or working, they tend to leave their dogs behind for eight to ten hours a day without realizing that their pup can face extremely challenging physical and mental problems due to being alone. The issues listed below are a few health problems that dogs can face. Also included are ideas for how to reduce the isolation of your pet when you leave home for your daily routine.

Social Skills of Dogs:


Researchers have claimed that it is crucial for dogs to develop social skills. These skills help them get through their medical checkups, help properly communicate with other dogs and humans, and help them be less anxious and stressed in new situations. Antisocial dogs are more likely to develop mental health issues, along with serious behavioural issues.


It is ideal to look for different dog sitting companies. Even though it may not be an excellent idea to leave them alone for more time than you get to spend with them. Still, it is a better option to help them develop their social skills.

Dog walking or doggie daycare will give your dog activities so they aren’t sitting at home all day.  These companies take care of your dog to the very best of their abilities and ensure that your dog is in safe hands.

Lack of Activities – Boredom:


Just like human beings, dogs tend to get bored. Most dogs are active by nature, even calmer dog breeds, and they require a lot of physical and mental exercise to channel their energies into something positive. Leaving dogs alone at home will make them bored and eventually, it will be mentally exhausting for them. For the most part, their nature can be affected, and they may start experiencing physical problems due to this.


When human beings get bored, they tend to watch television. Researchers say that dogs can find peace in having the TV on, too. You can work on training your dog on how to change the channel, or you can find out what they enjoy the most and leave the television on for them to watch what they like. PetChatz has partnered with DOGTV to offer dog content that uses technology and volumes that dogs understand and enjoy.

Nutritional Damage:


Some dogs tend to avoid eating their meals when their owners are not around. Even though you may arrange their food, they are not able to eat because of lack of company or because they are facing anxiety issues. Lack of nutrition causes significant health dilemmas. It may go as far to be life-threatening.


Try to keep noise playing so your dog has comforting noises, or leave a shirt that smells like you next to their meal. Moreover, you can ask a friendly neighbor to help your dog eat its lunch or connect you via video call to help it eat its meal when you are not around.

Dogs feel lonelier and have separation anxiety more intensely than we tend to understand. Therefore, it is imperative to find out how they are feeling and what they do while you are not at home. Remember to spend as much time as you can with your animals since they look forward to your presence after a full day. Your pup loves you. You are the only family he has; you are the world to him.