It has become public knowledge that iCPooch is shutting down its business and manufacturing operations.

As PetChatz, we want to ensure that pet parents are always able to stay connected with their fur-family members.

We want to offer all iCPooch customers a large discount so you can still chat with your furbaby.

Although PetChatz meets a similar need. We have a different approach.

PetChatz HD is the only complete sensory experience for your pet!
The PetChatz system starts with the HD unit – a totally immersive experience that allows you to be there from anywhere for your pet.

  • Two-way HD (low light) video camera and full-frequency two-way audio system
  • Reward them with PetChatz Treatz® & comfort them w/ PetChatz Scentz® (Calming) from your smartphone, tablet or computer
  • Sound and motion detection with alerts
  • Wi-Fi enabled
  • Sleek and pet-safe system
  • Compatible with PetChatz PawCall® (so your pet can call YOU!)

Simple steps to take advantage of your large discount on PetChatz HD

  • You must own an iCPooch and have proof of purchase. The Serial Number located on the bottom of your iCPooch will be required.
  • Email or call 855.444.6544 with your proof of purchase.
  • Use the code provided by a PetChatz team member on to buy your PetChatz HD and continue chatting with your furbaby.
  • Enjoy chatting with your fur-family members.

If you are asking these questions about your iCPooch, please email or call 855.444.6544 with your proof of purchase:

My iCPooch isn’t working, what do I do?

Why isn’t my iCPooch working?

My iCPooch is broken, what can I do?

Is iCPooch out of business?


  1. We will not be able to service any iCPooch device
  2. You will not have to ship us your iCPooch device
  3. You will get free ground shipping on your PetChatz HD
  4. You will love your PetChatz Hd experience.