Every day, we hear about 100’s of stories of how PetChatz improves people lives. We hear about Military members calling their dogs from across the world, college kids calling their puppy in-between classes, parents calling their fur-babies while on vacation and working dog moms and dog dads calling on lunch breaks.

Today we heard a story that took our breath away.

We can all agree that your home is a special place. A place where you feel safe. All of your belongings and loved ones are located within those four walls.  Deanna, a PetChatz Pack Member, had an intruder violate this space. This is her story.

“I am a busy professional and typically use several dog walking services throughout NYC. On a particular fall day. I arranged to have my dog walked but none of my regular (go to’s) were available. I hesitantly agreed to try a new person who had never been in my house before. About 30 minutes before the walk, I had an uneasy, helpless feeling. That’s when I remembered my PetChatz.  I decided to activate the silent camera so I could make sure all was ok.

As I am in my office, watching my bedroom I can tell the walker has entered the apartment. I press record and see my dog joyfully leave my bedroom and go to the front where the walker should be placing his leash on and starting the walk. The 30 second recorded video ended and I decided to start a second video recording (just in case) That’s when it happened.. I saw my dog AND the walker pass my living room, kitchen, and bathroom and enter my bedroom. I was frozen in time and horrified. Not 3 seconds after he entered my bedroom did he SEE the PetChatz machine, quickly turned and swiftly walked out of my bedroom. I hit the chime to let him hear something was on and let him know I was watching him.

I submitted the video to the dog walking company who apologized and refunded the walk. They are also looking into continuing to use this walker. If I did not have the PetChatz video or the machine I have no idea what he would have done in my bedroom of the rest of my house! It was a pleasant surprise that something I purchased to check on and treat my dog would actually aid me in protecting my house as well.

So Relieved! Thanks, PetChatz!”

We love a happy story and this one ended well. We welcome you to join the PetChatz Pack to get this protection in your home.

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