PetChatz and DOGTV Support Tufts University to Measure the Stress of Dogs


PetChatz and DOGTV are collaborating with the Center for Shelter Dogs at Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University on a 12-month study of dogs in two New England animal shelters to determine if the presence of dog-oriented video can improve the welfare and quality of life of these dogs.

The durable, safe PetChatz HD is an award-winning device that mounts flush to the wall or kennel door, allowing pet parents to have two-way audio-video chats plus dispense treats and comforting scents and stream DOGTV for their pets from their smartphones, tablets, or PCs. DOGTV is the first TV channel designed specifically for dogs.

The PetChatz device paired with DOGTV is being studied to reduce stress in shelter dogs without requiring significant time from shelter staff or volunteers.

“Dogs in shelters experience multiple stressors including loss of their family, new and unpredictable routines, and new stimuli such as other dogs, animals, people, noises, and smells,” said Nicholas H Dodman BVMS DVA DACVAA DACVB Professor Emeritus, Tufts University. “We are looking for ways to mitigate the stress level.”

“Like DogTV, we developed PetChatz to help ease anxiety for pet parents and their pets,” said Lisa Lavin, PetChatz co-founder, and CEO.

“Our content is designed to be visual and auditorily appealing to dogs,” added Ron Levi, Founder/CCO of DOGTV. “We look forward to the findings.”

PetChatz has streamed DOGTV on its system since early 2017 for its thousands of pet-owning customers. To learn more about PetChatz’s airing DOGTV content, visit