While each pet owner thinks and acts differently about their pets, they all have one thing in common. They see their furry companions as a part of the family. This means that when you’re away for work, out for your daily workout (whether that’s running outside or going to a gym), you end up feeling bad for leaving your pet home alone, and sometimes even guilty.

But there’s a smart IoT (Internet of Things) solution out there that can easily take that guilt away (or at least a part of it until you get back home). Meet the PetChatz HDX Pet Camera, a video communications device that allows you to chat and interact with your pet from pretty much anywhere.

The PetChatz brand is part of Anser Innovation LLC, a Minnesota based company that’s also a pioneer of IoT technologies. The company is focused on providing all types of software solutions that enable “being there from anywhere”. Anser Innovation LLC develops internet-based software and hardware that offers remote connection and multi-sensory interaction. PetChatz is Anser’s first pet product line with many more to come.

The PetChatz HDX is basically a Greet & Treat Two-Way Videophone solution that provides a full day of interaction and entertainment for your home alone pet with no monthly fees included. Let’s see how it works.

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