Chatting with mom or dad, getting treats and being showered with praise: There’s a reason why both cats and dogs love PetChatz. A mom of four cats, Jespah (13yo), Gopa (10yo), Hila (2yo) and Ula (1yo), Julie Comstock loves knowing that she can use PetChatz to check in on her fur babies, especially her anxious cat, during the day.

While volunteering for the Summit County Animal Shelter in Frisco, CO, Julie quickly fell in love with her two most recent adoptees: Hila and Ula. With opposite personalities, these two cats offered their own challenges for Julie and her husband. Hila is often anxious and scared, while Ula is overly excitable and a total nut. Through a gradual introduction plan, Julie was able to temper both cats and help them adjust to their new home. Despite being comfortable in their surroundings, Julie worried about how the young cats would act while she was away on vacation and knew PetChatz was a must-have.

“I bought PetChatz because I knew I would worry about Hila when we were on vacation. She hides from the pet sitter, so when we are away she is probably in a constant state of stress. I used PetChatz when we were in Hawaii in April, and was able to chat with my cats about three times a day. Both Hila and Ula responded really well to the unit, but Ula, being the foodie that he is, showed up every single time I called! Hila would show up in the evenings to chat, and the two older cats even joined in occasionally.”

Since returning home, Julie has peaked the interest of her friends, family and coworkers by calling her cats throughout the day using PetChatz.

“I show people how PetChatz works ALL the time – at work, parties, etc. My friends all know I have a PetChatz and they constantly ask if we can call the cats. Ula’s immediate response to the ringtone and the sound of a treat being dispensed is pretty unique considering cats tend to do whatever they want most of the time. And, for me, the peace of mind that comes from being able to check in during the day is priceless.”