PawCall for PetChatz HDX



Your pet messages YOU and plays games with PawCall!

This accessory for PetChatz HDX completes the digital daycare experience. It allows your pet to get in touch with you while in “Call Mode” and play brain (treat) games in “Game Mode”.

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Please note: PetChatz® HDX and PawCall® are currently available for shipment and use in the United States and Canada. You will be notified upon shipment of the actual product or of any delays.

PawCall allows your pet to message you and play games when you’re away! NO MONTHLY FEES REQUIRED.

Place the durable, pet-safe 3” x 4” PawCall button on the floor near your PetChatz system, and simply schedule times in your PetChatz app to let your pet know they can contact you or play a game.

Call Mode: PawCall blinks and pets press the button to sends you a message that your pet wants to chat over PetChatz.

Game Mode: PawCall randomly blinks and dispenses treats with a button press for a period of time that you select.

PawCall connects seamlessly to PetChatz. Compatible with PetChatz HD & HDX only.

You’re always just a PawCall away!

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