Every parent knows that the peace of mind that comes from knowing your little one is safe and sound is priceless.  That is especially true for Vanessa Szymanski, whose fur baby, Elmo, was recently diagnosed with a life-changing disease.

“Since adopting Elmo eleven years ago, my life has never been the same. He is my little angel and best friend – a true Velcro dog that likes to be a part of everything I do. Elmo frequently travels with me to visit out-of-state family and we even took our own vacation to Carmel, CA this past year. We are truly inseparable which is why I dreaded leaving him during the day. I purchased PetChatz to stay connected with Elmo while I am at work – plus I absolutely NEED to own the latest and greatest in dog accessories.”

Lately, Vanessa has found that the device offers more than just a way to squeeze in a little extra face time with her beloved pup throughout the day.

“PetChatz has been invaluable ever since Elmo had a few seizures and was diagnosed with Cushing’s Disease. His wellbeing is always on my mind, and knowing I can check in to ensure that he is safe is always a relief. Plus, Elmo loves it! He will wake up from a dead sleep and run over to get a treat as soon as he hears the ringtone. Now that he is aware the device holds treats, he even walks over to it when I am home and barks at it, hoping it will activate and give him a treat!”