It’s summer! For a lot of people, this is the best season of the year as it allows us to take in some sun, relax by the pool, drink cocktails (or water, we don’t mind), go for long walks and most importantly, read the best dog tips for the summer! And on the other end of the scale, the summer months can be exhausting with the heatwaves and extended daylight. With so much going on it’s not hard to find entertainment during the summer. And while we don’t have to look far to keep busy, what about our dogs?

Dogs aren’t really high maintenance and can find something to do in pretty much anything and everything! However, if you’re looking to spice up your dogs summer then look no further as we’re here to help you!

Let’s begin with how you can keep your furry friend entertained:

TV for Dogs

We couldn’t do a section on entertainment for dogs without mentioning the best method of them all… Relaxing TV for Dogs! There are thousands of hours of content for your dog to watch. Some of our dog content includes; fishes, squirrels, cows, sheep, horses and so much more… Your dog will never run out of quality content to watch! On top of all that, we also have 24/7 live streams featuring all our best footage for your dog.

Freeze a Treat/Toy in Ice

This is an age-old trick that’s even more relevant for the summer months. You can freeze as much (or as little) as you want and your dog will be occupied for a good amount of time. Not only will your dog be occupied with the ice, stay cool in the heat but it will also be rewarded once the ice melts with whatever you put inside. Just be prepared for your dog to want more once it’s gone through the treat!

Open blinds and curtains

Seeing cars go by, birds fly past and people running can be very entertaining for a dog. And, as long as your dog can get to the windows, this is probably the easiest method to stimulate your dog on this list. It’s free, effortless and keeps your dog entertained for hours. It’s a no-brainer!

Make an accessible fence

Another easy way to keep your dog occupied is to make a step to make your fence more accessible to your dog, so it can look over and stare into the red eyes of the neighbors’ dog! Okay, let’s hope it doesn’t go that far! All jokes aside, this is a great way for your dog to observe the world as well as socialize with other dogs and people.
Just remember to not make your step too high or your dog might climb over.Get a paddling pool

Probably not one of the most cost-effective options but definitely one of the most enjoyable ones! You can get some very inexpensive children’s paddling pool anywhere on the internet, fill it with some water and you’re good to go! Dogs are natural swimmers* and they can get a lot of enjoyment for a long period of time.
*Most dogs are natural swimmers, if you’re unsure about yours it is worth looking at dog life jackets just to be safe.

Set up a playdate

You probably won’t be surprised to find out that there are many other dog owners also wanting to keep their dog entertained so why not get your dog to have a playdate with your friends/ neighbors dog? This will give your dog a good chance to run around and socialize as long as your dog is familiar with the other dog. It’s a nice treat for your dog every now and then and it gives you a chance to get some peace and quiet.

Your dog should be happier than a beached whale feeling water for the first time in 3 months. If that wasn’t a saying, it is now!

Moving on to our next segment, we have some tips that will help you make the most of the summertime with your dog.

Check out local trails

It doesn’t matter where you live, you will always have access to a trail or something similar near you. There are plenty of trails to choose from, National Trust has put together a list of the best summer walks, with almost all of them being dog-friendly as long as they’re kept on a lead during the grazing season. It’s an exciting walk for your dog and a beautiful view for you, win-win!

Make some dog lollies

There’s nothing wrong with having a nice ice lolly, it is summer after all! What isn’t fair is not letting your dog get in on the festivities that come with summertime. So why not make a dog-friendly popsicle for your furry friend?
It’s really simple – Just mix up some meat with beef jelly in an ice lolly mould and then add a chicken leg or some other dehydrated treat as the stick and you’re good to go! Your dog will be able to enjoy the treats of summertime with you.

Get a dog carrier

If you cycle around then you should definitely get a dog carrier and take your dog with you. You may have to cycle even harder but it’s definitely worth it if you get to bring your dog with you! If, however, you don’t cycle around, then you can still get a dog-compatible backpack to carry your dog around on your back or chest. You can also apply this tip to walking around on local trails (if the area is too busy to have your dog on the ground).

We hope you’ve learned some new tips and tricks to keeping your dog happy, including your dog and just overall having a good summer with your dog!


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