When an idea becomes a reality, the executives of the company need to start making big decisions. These decisions will shape the very fabric of the enterprise. They define the culture, cement the values and hopefully prepare the company for success. One of the largest decisions we needed to make was where we manufacture PetChatz®. Given the global economy, we had an endless supply of options. Each of them had challenges and opportunities. The executive team carefully considered and put their 100% faith in the American worker. They believed that the best place on earth to manufacture PetChatz was in small town Minnesota. A partnership formed with RiverStar. A world class manufacturer with a top of the line facility. Since PetChatz was born in Minnesota, it made sense to bring it to life among the 10,000 lakes.

As our manufacturing partner, we consider Riverstar, a member of the PetChatz Pack. They are responsible for taking the finest parts from around the country to create PetChatz products. The vast majority of our parts are sourced locally from Minnesota and surrounding states. Given supply, a few electronic parts come from certified partners overseas. Each PetChatz product is hand assembled using America workers. The advanced electronics inside the device are hand tested to ensure the best customer experience.

On a recent visit to Riverstar, we meet some of the amazing men and women that manufacture PetChatz products each and every day. These American workers are passionate and committed to the highest quality. As we toured the facility, we heard story after story of how the workers innovated the manufacturing process. Each story emboldened our faith in the American worker. We witnessed their work ethic and small town American values.

We wanted to share this journey and this decision with our PetChatz Pack members and future PetChatz Pack members. We believe that you deserve this information to make the best decision for you and your fur family members. As we continue to support the American worker, we hope that you will help us in our mission to be there from anywhere.

Even though we were highlighting our manufacturing team, we want to make it very clear that our entire team is based in Minnesota. Our engineers work tirelessly to improve and push the capabilities of PetChatz products and the customer care team answers 1000’s of customer calls to ensure an ideal experience.

Please enjoy a few photos of our manufacturing facility and the American workers in Winona, MN.