When it comes to chatting with your pet, quality is everything. With PetChatz® HD you don’t have to settle. In fact, our system was recently rated the #1 pet communications technology by BestPetCam.com, with its first-ever 5-star review.

Here’s a quick preview of what they had to say:

“PetChatz is loaded with unique features you won’t find in other pet cams. Everything from the looks, feel, and function of the camera really impresses us. The front of the camera almost resembles a tablet, and the flat wall-mounted design prevents dogs from chewing on it.”

“Thanks to the new HD PetChatz model, video quality matches (or beats) other pet cameras currently on the market. In fact, PetChatz exceeds other cameras because they have two-way HD – both on the unit (for your dog or cat to see) and the video from your phone, PC, or tablet.”

If you’re considering purchasing a pet cam for the first time, or thinking about upgrading to PetChatz HD, do yourself and your pet a favor – check out our Best Pet Cam review and opt for the 5-star experience.