So, what happens when you leave your pet at home.

For dogs, you leaving for a few minutes or a few hours, the first 30 minutes are all the same.  For “normal” dogs, the sudden loss of the Alpha (or Beta) can be stunning – but they can quickly get over it.  During the day, boredom or curiosity can kick-in re-creating the “loss of leadership” actions of when the Alpha departs (remember – as pack animals, dogs are highly conscious of who the leader is).

For dogs that have anxiety issues (or the symptoms of anxiety issues – behavior issues) these moments of separation anxiety can be devastating.  Worry, stress, even panic can result – and these can become real problems with dogs.  Some people think that cats, with their “independent nature,” do not suffer from separation anxiety but studies suggest that cats experience these feelings (and behave in similar ways to dogs when they are feeling this anxiety) more often than dogs.

How can you reduce your dog or cat’s worry, stress or even panic? You could work from home, bring your dog or cat everywhere and never leave your home. For most working adults, that is not an option. The second best thing would be to purchase a dog camera or a cat camera that has two-way interaction. You can see them, they can see you. You can call them, they can call you. They will never be far away and you will worry about them less.