A lot of our customers ask how to maximize performance on their PetChatz units.  There are three simple steps to make sure you reduce or eliminate the video/audio lag:

  • Upload/Download Speed: this is the speed at which your computer gathers information from the Internet and pushes information to the Internet. We recommend a minimum of 4Mbps/2Mbps for Download/Upload speed – typically, Download speed is not the issue – rather, Upload speed tends to be the drag on the system.  Go to http://www.speedtest.net/ to check your system speed.
  • Signal Strength: Like any wireless device your access to signal will impact your performance. Selecting a location for your PetChatz unit in proximity to your router will help maximize signal strength.
  • System Load: In our ever increasing “connected” society, the more devices that are using your bandwidth the slower performance will be. If no one is home, this should not be a problem on the home end – but if there are a lot of people sharing WiFi (say in a coffee shop) performance could be compromised.

Check these three things first – under-performance here can negatively impact your experience with PetChatz communication!