We believe that your dog camera should be Made in the USA. 

Made in the USA was a source of pride and a real competitive advantage – before we all became obsessed with buying cheaper rather than buying better. This slippery slope started when the world’s largest retailer abandoned the Made in the USA requirement and started the race to the bottom by requiring such low costs that moving production off shore was necessary for survival. Most other retailers (reluctantly at first) followed suit to “stay competitive, ” and the devastation of the American manufacturing economy was started.

We can all buy products more cheaply but those products are not better, and our lives are probably not a whole lot better off because we had access to these cheaper – and more cheaply made – products. You can buy a cheap Dog camera that was made overseas or you can buy a PetChatz product.

At PetChatz, we believe in the resurgence of “Made in the USA”. PetChatz is a Minnesota company focused on using other Minnesota companies to make products. We are bringing good jobs to the heartland and doing our small part to put Americans back to work again.

PetChatz’s team is proud to be part of this new movement, and our entire team is based at worldwide headquarters in Minneapolis, MN. Our engineers solve technical problems to help keep PetChatz as the best dog camera on the market. Our Customer Care team solves the human problems, and our product line is focused on the human to pet connection (perhaps not a problem – but a need to be connected that touches our hearts and minds in a unique way). PetChatz creates moments every day between humans and pets. We create these moments using American sweat, ingenuity, and heart. We are PetChatz, and we are Made in the USA.