For maintaining a healthy lifestyle, exercise is considered as the most important part. If you are a dog parent, you obviously want to take care of your furry family member for which you choose the best food for them, make sure that they are well cared.

But the most important thing to keep them fit and healthy is to ensure that they are active. Some sort of physical activity is necessary.

We will try to achieve the objectives of keeping your dog active in this article.

The way outs to keep your dog active are as follows:

  1. Replant the activity during your trips:

Inactivity of your dog usually comes from eating too much or moving too little, or both at the same time. Let’s start by rethinking the exercise we really do when we go out. It’s okay for him to sniff at his favorite playground and make his poop and piss. Limiting his exits to this will not help to let him stay active.

If we sit still in the same place all the time (chatting with the dog friends of the park) there are dogs that get bored and can, for example, begin to look for leftovers of food by sheer inertia and feed on dirt from the soil: fatal. It is better that after this first time of sniffing if there is no close friend of his who makes him play and move, you can take a good turn, which will be good for your dog and you too.

  1. Exercise: the best way to keep your dog active

Another way to keep your dog energetic and active is through exercise. Long walks, running, playing with a ball are considered very beneficial activities for a dog. If you create a schedule and you are consistent you can achieve the target of making your dog active. Consider taking him to the parks or practice agility (sports training), dog frisbee, dance training, interactive games, trick dogging and many other activities. You need to find time for your pet as it is the question of his life because inactivity leads to obesity which decreases the lifespan.

  1. Goodbye share food (so sorry my friend)

Yes, I know that it hurts your soul and that it torments you with his fixed gaze, his eyes of endless pity and his imploring snout when you eat your fantastic stew. But for you, it may be a delicacy, given the differences between your size and stomach and the size and stomach of your dog. Also, human foods are often seasoned with foods that can be dangerous for dogs.

It is better that you should get used to his face of grief thinking that a quality food is the best option that is receiving a balanced diet and not a lack of control of calories.

  1. Say no to these food items:

Of course, giving sugar, chocolates, and sweets to your dog is not a good idea at all. Giving something to your dog which has xylitol, a very common sweetener in it can be poisonous for his body.

  1. Make the right choice:

Your veterinarian is the best one to advise you on the food that your dog needs based on his age, race, and circumstances. You can also choose the food by considering a series of variables. For example, a young dog or a puppy is not the same as an adult, since the activity of the former is more and therefore will require food with greater energy input.

  1. Raise the plate:

If your dog eats slowly then it can be good for him. One technique that you can follow is to put the feeder on a bench or a table. This way, you will have a higher head at the time of eating and will be able to expel the air more easily.

  1. Get him a toy with food:

There are various toys in the pet stores which are filled with food. Whenever the dog will bite the toy, the food will automatically fall. Let your dog have fun while eating. It will make your dog start eating slow and enjoy the meal properly. This activity will also make him more active as he will make efforts to eat the food.

These are some tips that will help you to make your dog fit and more active

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