The Story of PetChatz: How Pet People Created a Pet Camera for Pets + People

The start of any startup never quite ends where it began. Meaning, what you planned in the beginning, looks a little like what you put to market…but most often, it’s not a 1-for-1. It’s a thread of an idea. What remains is one string, one thing that becomes the main driver of what makes it great. That combined with the leadership of well, the leader, is what makes up the rest.

That’s why there’s something about the passion of a visionary. The creator. An individual that’s motivated by the pure love of not just the idea but the thing, the problem. Because in the end, it’s the visionary’s problem in need of solving that doesn’t just help them, but helps us all.

That’s the part of the story behind PetChatz. We’re also a U.S. company. Born out of passion. A passion for solving problems – pet problems. Derived from a place of empathy and concern for the home alone pet. It’s worry turned into care.

When we started though, it wasn’t that obvious how this would all work. Would we put the PetChatz unit on the floor? Our pet parents told us no. Would the pet be safe around the unit? Our testing told us yes. What should we call this thing? The name PetChatz naturally rose to the top! Would we get it right, right away? Nope. The first development run was not our last. But today, we’re stronger than ever and version 2.0 brings smiles and happiness to pets and pet owners alike, all day, all year long.

We’ve been at the business of caring from the very beginning. Early market PetChatz offerings included 2-way audio and visual capabilities from the get go. Enabling and ensuring care for furbabies near and far away, all along.

Today, passion and care remain evident. They continue to be the driving force behind everything we do. From the people we hire, the way we work, the policies we put in place, the customer care we offer, to the brand to whom we bring our voices, it has created the sort of pet tech company that only passionate visionaries can be proud of. Now, we’re more excited than ever to watch others begin to see what we saw. To join us in caring for those in need of love and care while we’re away. That’s PetChatz. That’s care. At home.