Your fluffy best friend wants to share your space with you. Could you say no? Of course not.

Not all of us have the same sleeping habit. But if you’re used to sleeping with your little bundle of joy, then there are many ways to make your experience better.

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes. You may have already experienced midnight cover stealing games with your snuggly friend.

Researches have shown that some dog owners preferred sleeping with their dogs despite disturbances at night. Simply because they felt safe. Also, most dog owners have a hard time saying no to their dogs.


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The conundrum remains whether to prioritize your peaceful sleep or have the best of both worlds. We do realize how attached you are to your best friend.

Thus we have noted down some essential tips for you that could help you sleep soundly with your dog beside you, and if not, what you could do about it.


  1. Light Sleepers Need To Choose Between Sleep Or Their Precious

Sleeping is not easy for you. Even a little pin drop could disrupt your nap. So the situation brings you to decide between letting your adorable fluff sleep with you at night or not.

Well, if you’re very attached to your dog, then there’s only little that you could do about it.

I’m sorry my friend, you’ll have to give up your good night’s sleep. There’s nothing you could do about the tiny growls he makes at night.

If you’re not willing to sacrifice your sleep, it’s time to let go of your pup at night and escort him to his perfect corner for rest.


  1. Taking Steps For Dogs Who Are Not Housebroken

Let’s assume your dog has taken over your bed and has little control over himself at night.

Things can be sweet as long as it’s limited to drooling. But when your dog has minimal control over his bowels; you will be left with a horrible mess on the mattress in the morning. And waking up to that sure isn’t a pleasant experience. Cleaning your mattress is not a joke. It could become a difficult situation. Get a waterproof mattress or use the crate.


  1. When Your Health Is A Serious Concern

 Most of us are allergic to pollens and dust before you know it, your dog has already carried pollens with him while his time outside and is snuggling up in your sheets.

Having serious issues related to Asthma and other breathing problems will compel you to do things. That includes keeping your innocent pet far from you, outside of your bedroom.


  1. When Your Dog Has Health Issues

 Apart from bringing pollen into the house, your dog themselves could become the source of health issues. It’s normal for your fluffy love to develop infections or other zoonotic diseases. Have patience and wait till the problems subside. You might have to keep them away from you as long as the health issues remain.

It could be an allergy that your dog could develop just like you do. Look out for the symptoms, reasons and learn what dog food for allergies could help.


  1.  If Your Dog Doesn’t Like Your Bedmate

 A sweet act of guarding the owner could soon turn into a grave problem. We know how possessive dogs can be of their owners.

It’s their instinct, that’s how they show they care. But this is still a rarity when it comes to all dogs.

If your dog is guarding your partner out of bed, then it’s time to let him know what he should not do. Consult a trainer or a behavioral expert to help you out with your pet.


  1. They Could Be Very Pushy

A pushy dog needs manners and every trainer will let you know about it.

Even if it’s the smallest things he does. You need to teach your pet to wait for instructions or permissions before he thinks there’s no need of that.

While for your bedroom, set simple rules, such as making him wait till you’re ready to go to bed.


  1. Bedtime Is Not Playtime, Let Your Pet Know That

 They just can’t bring toys into the bedroom or on to the bed. While it may seem like an innocent act, but squeaky toys could disrupt your peaceful sleep at night.

What about your dog playing around you at night while you’re asleep? You don’t want that of course. So it’s time makes some rules!


  1. Implementing Bedroom Privacy

 Your time with your partner belongs only to both of you. Some dog owners don’t mind having their dogs around them while making love.

However, your partner may not approve of it, and such trivial matters should not become the reason for conflicts in your married life.


  1. Your Dog  Could Soon Be As Big As You

 Certain types of dog have good growth and could reach your height on their first birthday.

Not knowing how tall your little best friend could soon become could later rise issues while bedsharing.

What could you do about it if it’s already too late? Experienced owners suggest you switch to a larger sized bed to have enough space. Or prepare your dog to stay in their bed from a young age.


Final Words

 It’s hard to resist not sharing your bed with your little precious. Loving them so much could result in endless nights of disrupted sleep. It’s up to you to decide whether you would like to sacrifice your sleep or not.

Training may take patience and effort but will definitely be worth it in the long run. Your pet surely realizes you enjoy napping with them. So come to terms to maintain a healthy relationship with your dog.


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