If you have rented apartments before, then you know how hard it can be sometimes to convince your landlord that your pet is good and pleasant to live with and that it won’t destroy their property. The landlords have their own reasons for not trusting pet owners – a bad experience, for instance – but there may be a tool to get them to allow your pet to live in that wonderful apartment you dream of.

Create a pet resume. If that seems a bit new to you and you are not sure how to do it, here are some great tips.

  1. Start with formal details

Just like a real resume, this one also needs to start with formal details. This means that you should state your pet’s name, breed, size, age etc. Include what you feel is important. Make sure that it’s prominent and easy to find – you don’t want to confuse the landlord. This is also a good place to include your own contact information.

  1. Include pet’s rental history

If you have rented with your pet before, you can probably use this information to be even more compelling. Let your landlord know how your pet performed in similar situations and include some phone numbers of people that could verify this. Make sure that you mention that there was no damage, noise complaints or any other complaints that could ruin your pet’s reputation.

  1. Make sure that your resume is accurate

Having your resume free of mistakes paints a good picture of both you as an owner and enhances your chances of the landlord liking your pet enough to let them stay in that apartment. There are some tools that could make this easier for you:
StateOfWriting and Via Writing are online writing guides that will give you tips and pointers about your style and good sentences.
UK Writings is a resume editing and proofreading tool that can help you make a good, high-quality resume.
My Writing Way is a plagiarism guide that can help you check for unoriginal content within your resume. You need to be unique if you want to get the landlord to approve.
Boom Essays is a resume formatting tool praised by UK Top Writers that can help you add value to your resume by making it more readable.
Academ Advisor and Academized are resume title and power words generators that could help you entice your future landlord to approve of your pet.
Essay Roo is a grammar checker that will perform a grammar check for mistakes once you are done writing your pet resume.

  1. Describe your pet’s health

Health is an important thing when you are bringing a creature into someone’s property. Provide your pet’s vet contact details so that they could verify that your pet is in perfect health. State that your pet doesn’t have fleas, ticks or worms and that he’s being regularly checked.

  1. Let them know about the pet’s behavior

Here you should mention any of your pet’s qualities that would make him a valuable and good resident. State that he is welcoming, friendly, good with people and children and other pets as well. Be honest about this because sooner or later, they will find out if your pet has any bad behaviour.

  1. Describe how responsible you are as a pet owner

This is the place where you can really describe how important your pet is to you and how responsible you are. Let them know about all the training you spent time on or paid for, how you have created a schedule for your pet etc. You are an important part of your pet’s life and how you teach him to behave is how he’ll behave.

  1. Include references if applicable

As mentioned earlier, you can include references from various sources that can confirm that your pet is a good tenant and that he will not create any issues. “Get a reference from your vet, previous landlords, neighbours, friends, family, trainer etc. All of these people should give your future landlord a clear signal that your pet is good and that he will not create any issues”, – explains Jose James, a Business writer at EliteAssignmentHelp and Study Demic writer.

  1. Add a photo

Find the most adorable photo of your pet you can and include it in your resume. Make it prominent, along with basic information. This picture is bound to instigate some kind of feelings in the landlord, especially if your pet is cute and harmless in the photo. Your alternative to this is bringing your pet along with you to introduce them to your landlord.

Over To You

Pet resume is a wonderful thing that could help you get landlords to allow your pets to live in your desired apartment. Make sure that you write it and include honest and valuable information.



Guest Post:

Freddie Tubbs is a business writer and editor at Paper Fellows. He also works as a resume proofreader at Big Assignments, and is a contributing author at Australian help blog.