Breaking Newz (with occasional commentary from the Mad Chatter)

  • Mike Rowe and Freddy: The Mad Chatter is a big fan of Freddy and his biped Mike Rowe (see Mike’s foundation page for information: Mike Rowe Works). portrait-of-freddyMike has an interesting fund raising approach – C.R.A.P. (Collectibles Rare and Precious) to raise money for scholarships to help people get careers in the trades.  One of these pieces of C.R.A.P. is a portrait of Freddy by Lindsey Dahl (you can find her web site here: and you can see Freddy’s portrait at right.  Check them both out – a couple of people with loads and loads of talent.  Mike may disagree – but he does a mean podcast and was even a member of a Barbershop Quartet in his younger days – you can hear that story here: An Ode to Fred King
  • A Dog’s Purpose: a book (written by W. Bruce Cameron) and new movie (coming in 2017) that follows the soul of a dog as the dog takes many lives to truly understand his purpose. There is a quote (author unknown) that highlights this: “My goal in life is to as good a person as my dog already thinks I am”.  The premise seems sound, the cast looks great and the early read of the book is pretty touching.  Check them both out.  Here is a link to the book: Book: A Dog’s Purpose and to the movie trailer: Movie: A Dog’s Purpose
  • From Russia, With Love – a baby Spider Monkey is abandoned by its mother and one of the zoo keepers takes him home and her 16 year old cat fills in. Pretty cool how we can all chip in to help! Follow this link for the story and a short video: It Takes a Village
  • PetChatz® Political Roundup: Time to take the leap into the political maelstrom that exists in the US today. PetChatz officially declares for (drum roll please) a candidate…we support Duke for Mayor of Cormorant, MN.  Duke, a Great Pyrenees, was unavailable for comment. A quirky town (clearly) decided that Duke was a better choice (not just once – but three times) to lead their town of about 1,000 folks.  I think we can safely say that term limits should not be imposed here. Duke for President?