This Month, This Week

  • Paws to Support Our Military Families: PetChatz is proud to support our military – specifically those whose deployment impacts either their pets or the animals they serve with.paws-to-support-our-military-families To honor our service men and women this Veteran’s Day, we are having a contest – three lucky winners will be selected from submitted entries (videos or photos need to be submitted for you to be eligible). You can go to our contest page here to submit your video and register: Paws to Support Our Military Families
  • Halloween Safety: Halloween is a great holiday to enjoy with your furry friends – who doesn’t like the many great costumes and the overall excitement this time of year brings? Unfortunately for your pets, it can also bring some concerns.  We here at PetChatz always recommend moderation – and making sure your pets stay safe and secure.  Use extra caution when Trick or Treaters arrive – make sure your quadrupeds are not able to sneak out the door (or worse – get aggressive with strangely dressed strangers).  There are two main areas where we want to focus:
    • Candy – candy is not a good thing for pets with two extra “bad” standouts – Chocolate and Xylitol (artificial sweetener). Chocolate – which contains things that make humans happy also contains stuff that can make your pet violently ill.  The darker the chocolate the worse it is for your dog or cat.  Keep all chocolate out of reach of your pets!  Xylitol even in small amounts can cause seizures in dogs (its impact on cats is not yet defined – but we would rather be safe than sorry).  Enjoy the festivities – but find a better alternative for your four legged friends!
    • Costumes – we love all of the photos of pets in costumes (watch for information in October about the first ever PetChatz Costume Contest) but make sure that your pet is ready to be the center of attention: do not force your pet to wear a costume, make sure the fit is secure but comfortably loose, make sure elimination is still possible (otherwise that costume may not last long), make sure you have a dress rehearsal for the big day and do not leave your pet in costume longer than they are comfortable. Oh yeah, tag us in pictures of your pets in costume on Facebook or Instagram  – we love those!
    • Tips – here is a link to some tips for pets around Halloween from our friends at PetMD: Safety First
  • Pet Dental Care: Like people, a clean and well maintained mouth is important for your pet’s overall health. From regular cleaning to different types of treats and chews to liquids you can add to their water there are a variety of products you can use to help keep your pet’s oral hygiene on track.  Regular home brushing – which is a bit of a pain and which some animals do not like – is still the best overall way to make sure that your dog or cat has the best teeth on the block.  Watch our Facebook feed in October (October is Pet Safety and Protection Month) for videos on how to brush your pet’s teeth – there will be videos for both dogs and cats!  Meanwhile – follow this link to some quick tips…Healthy Teeth = Healthy Life