Are You Lazy but Still Want a Dog? Take a Look at Top Couch Potato Breeds

Having a dog for a companion can be great as dogs are friendly, loyal, and cute. However, individuals who live in small apartments and don’t have time to walk or play with their dog all day, or have limited mobility might be concerned about adopting a hyperactive dog.

Luckily there are all kinds of dogs, even some that don’t require a lot of exercise. Dog breeds such as German Shepard’s or Huskies are out of the question for individuals who aren’t up for constant movement but, there are many breeds that are content with spending the day doing nothing.

However, keep in mind that while these dogs love the couch, all dogs need to get some exercise throughout the day. To lend a helping hand, we put together a list of the top couch potato breeds for lazy owners which will be perfect companions for those who don’t want to adopt a high-maintenance dog.


The English bulldog is a great couch potato dog! Bulldogs are brachycephalic, meaning they have a short and pushed-in nose, and all dogs in this category can’t do strenuous exercise. This doesn’t mean they are not happy since they love lounging around most of the day.

Bulldogs only need one short walk a day as they get tired easily and may struggle to breathe if they get too rambunctious.

There are two types of Bulldogs that are most popular: the English and the French, and they are both extremely cozy and Zen. Actually, the French bulldog was bred to be a lap dog; therefore, they are a great breed for individuals who are lazy.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is slightly more active than the bulldog and they do require some exercise. However, most of the time, they just enjoy curling up next to their owner.

Cavaliers are perfect for individuals with backyards, as they’ll easily entertain themselves by sniffing around plants and fences. They may even satisfy their exercise needs by taking a short run around the house. Therefore, you won’t have to take much time to exercise a Cavalier yourself. Still, you should consider getting the best invisible dog fence since they tend to forget when to stop walking away.

The one downside to Cavaliers is they need to be groomed. They shed so you will spend some time vacuuming up dog hair. However, taking them to the groomers and cutting their hair shorter will help the shedding.


Like the Bulldog, Pugs can’t do a lot of strenuous exercise due to breathing problems. They are sensitive to heat and humidity and their breathing problems will cause them to snore and wheeze while they sleep. But, they only need a small walk each day.

Pugs are also known for being playful and silly. So, even when you are hanging indoors your pug will still find ways to keep both of you entertained. However, you have to be careful to avoid overfeeding since they become overweight easily.

While pugs are perfect for lazy owners, they aren’t an excellent choice for those who spend a lot of time away from home. They may not need a lot of exercise, but they need a lot of attention. They prefer to spend as much time with their owners as possible.


Even though Italian greyhounds are known for competing in dog races, greyhounds are low-maintenance dogs. They may have multiple bursts of energy throughout the day, but they are usually short-lived. Even more, Greyhounds are great at burning off their energy themselves.

They are also great companions for those who live in warmer climates as they have very thin coats so they can get cold easily. However, if you live in colder climates you can buy your greyhound a cute sweater to wear as they are usually relaxed when it comes to wearing clothing and other accessories.


Despite being a large dog, Bullmastiffs are lazy dogs. They really don’t require any exercise, as they are perfectly content with lying around all day. Bullmastiffs adapt to apartment living extremely well so, not only are they a good companion for lazy owners but they are a good companion for individuals living in small spaces.

Not only are Bullmastiffs lazy, they are also loyal and, despite being large, they love to lie in their owner’s lap. So, if you don’t mind a large dog lying in your lap then a Bullmastiff is perfect for you.  Bullmastiffs also don’t need to be groomed. Overall, they are low-maintenance dogs.


All breeds of Terriers are a good option for lazy owners. Yorkshire terriers can be energetic, but they’ll burn a lot of their energy off themselves by running around the house. They are also known for having a large attitude and they love being around people so it’ll be difficult to be lonely with one around.

Boston Terriers are also good companions. They require a few short walks a day, but overall, they are low-maintenance. They’ll spend most of their time lounging around. If you buy them some chew toys they will keep themselves busy for hours.

Shih Tzu

If you are looking for a lap dog, then look no further. Shih Tzu’s are notorious for lying in their owner’s lap. Shih Tzus only require one short walk a day, or they can burn off their energy by running through the house.

Shih Tzus are also very friendly dogs. They are great with children and may follow you around the house. However, some Shih Tzus will require lots of grooming. While you may not have to exercise them, you will need to spend time each day brushing them.

There are lots of dog breeds that are perfect for lazy owners. Just keeping in mind all dogs require a little bit of exercise. However, many dog breeds are content with walking around the house and spending the rest of their day lying next to their owner.


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