Stay Connected – Even with “Back to School” Looming

Apparently, it is time to start thinking about returning to our non-summer routine.  Can it really be time to prepare for kids heading back to class?  Back to School represents one of the biggest changes in people’s lives.

Routines change, lives change, the number of people in your pack changes and the lives of your pets will also change.  With shorter than human memories, the changes can be tough to handle – their world has been filled with all of their pack mates (mom, dad, human siblings in addition to their four-leg siblings) for the last three months and now they may go back to being alone during the day.

This can be stressful for them – and difficult for two-legged pack members who may be leaving for college or leaving for some other reason.  Since we sometimes take these things for granted, we wanted to remind everyone to remember how tough these changes can be.  A dog’s (or cat’s) best friend might be leaving to start a new segment of their life – and that will be tough on both parties.  Fortunately, there is a way for those separated best friends to “stay connected” – PetChatz. Give them Love All Day with Digital Daycare Smartphones are part of just about every departing student’s “Back to School” equipment (along with a tablet and/or computer) – what better way to keep that connection alive even when they can’t be together  Your best friend and his or her human will thank you.

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