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Petcube Bites vs. PetChatz HD: Which Is Right for You?

Recently, made a comparison between Petcubes Bites and PetChaz HD. Although we respect the author and, we want to take some time to give the full picture to the pet parents who are making this important decision for their fur-family member on what dog treat camera to invest in. The link to the full article is below.

1. Look and Feel

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“PetChatz looks exactly like what it is: something made for pets.”  

In the design and creation of PetChatz, we went directly to pet parents. They wanted to make sure that PetChatz was pet safe first and foremost. That is why PetChatz is designed with no corners, edges or pry-points. In almost five years, we haven’t any reported case of PetChatz being taken off the wall.

As you can clearly see Petcube Bites is a box with tiny screw holes to mount it to the wall. Is that pet safe? We don’t think so.

2. Installation review

“After using the Petcube, having the cord showing doesn’t bother me (or my dogs) at all.”

PetChatz is designed to be flush mounted with no pet access to the electrical cord. We learned very early on that pet parents do not want to expose their furry family members to an electrical wire – especially when treats are involved!

3. Camera review

“The key differentiator here might be that the PetChatz is two-way video, as well as two-way audio. Using your front-facing phone camera, your dog can actually see you while you’re talking. “

We believe that your face is significant to your pet. We have worked with research teams from DOGTV and Tufts University to confirm what most parents already know scientifically, your pet loves to see your face. Your pet loves to see your smile. Your face and tone will tell your pet if you are happy, sad, worried, or excited. We pride ourselves on being the only dog treat camera that has two-way video.

4.Audio review

“The audio on the PetChatz is fantastic. The noise reduction is stellar, and you can get pretty subtle when speaking into it. I can a whisper to my dogs and they still come running. In my testing, the lag was virtually non-existent, especially in comparison to the Petcube. Overall, a far better experience. You mileage may vary, but PetChatz figured out the audio portion as far as I can tell.”

We know you can’t be with your pets all the time. Those pesky bills and job get in the way. During the precious moments when you are away, we want to give you and your pet the best experience possible. If you want to whisper, give commands, or just tell them how much you love them, they should be able to hear you with virtually no lag.

5. Connectivity review

“The PetChatz HD will work with the weaker WEP encryption, and is also supported by WPS Protected Setup. Indeed, I used the WPS button to set it up the first time and it worked like a charm. A manual web interface connection option is outlined in the PetChatz manual, if you should need it. That part was a breeze.”

In today’s world, we strive to make PetChatz HD easy for all pet parents. You should worry about who you are going to show off PetChatz to at work instead of getting it connected. We are continually making the process simpler with free over-the-air software updates.

6: App

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“The main screen of the PetChatz app is a solid wall of lime green, with your named camera button as the star attraction. When you click your camera, it starts the feed. You can initiate a two-way video call by clicking the chat bubble on the right or record a 30-second video with the button below it.”

We know the most important of your PetChatz experience is your pet. We offer video recording so you can share and capture your pet’s special moments for FREE. You have to pay a monthly fee with PetCube Bites.

7: Treats

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“On the PetChatz, you’re provided a plastic tube that serves as the hopper inside the unit. It’s plenty easy to fill and install, so there’s no problem there.”

Before we developed PetChatz, we did extensive market research – talking to many pet parents and pet experts. Here’s what they told us about treats…

  1. Treats need to dispense one treat at a time.
  2. Treats need to be small and low calorie.
  3. Treats need to be grain-free with no corn, wheat, soy or bi-products.
  4. Treats need to be made in the U.S.
  5. Treats must be single-source protien with flavor options that taste really good.
  6. AND…the treats need to be good for DOGS AND CATS – because many households have both.

PetChatz Treatz meet all of these requirements and more.

8: Other Features

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“The PetChatz on the other hand offers the two-way video, a slot for a scent release pad, and a Game Mode. For an additional $99.99, you can add the PawCall, which allows your pet to call you and offers further interactivity, including treat rewards for playing along with the game.”

PetChatz is more than a treat camera, dog camera, dog treat camera, and pet treat camera. PetChatz HD is the hub of Digital Daycare with Camp PetChatz. We believe that your pet deserves a full day of entertainment, connection and interaction. PetChatz HD, PawCall, and DOGTV (two free months included) create Digital Daycare in the safety of your home.

9: Pricing review

“As for subscriptions, PetChatz does not appear to have one. You can record as many 30-second video clips as you want, as far as I can determine. Adding DogTV to your current Comcast or DirecTV contract costs $4.99 or $9.99 a month, and two free months are included with your purchase.”

PetChatz includes free and unlimited…

  • Chatting with your pets
  • Video recording
  • PawCall games
  • Push notifications
  • Software updates
  • Premier Customer Care
  • Community of fellow pet parents

We have also partnered with DOGTV who offers a subscription service for your pet. PetChatz is the only “ dog treat cam” system that allows you to stream DOGTV for your pet – wherever your pet is.

10: Conclusion review

“…I can absolutely see why you might opt for the PetChatz. It’s a very good unit with a lot of functionality. Dogs with separation anxiety may be able to make good use of it.”

PetChatz is much more than a treat cam. PetChatz is a complete Digital Daycare solution.

Most of us have to leave our pet alone for a period of time almost every day. We can either ignore the fact that our pets are home alone, bored and unengaged or you can invest in Digital Daycare with Camp PetChatz. PetChatz has two-way video because we know your dog loves to see your face. PetChatz Treatz are good for dogs and cats, healthy and our pure because your pet deserves the best. PetChatz has DOGTV and PawCall because your dog deserves a full day of entertainment, connection, and interaction.

If all of that wasn’t enough, PetChatz HD, PawCall, and the entire Digital Daycare with Camp PetChatz system are Made In The USA. We believe in the American worker. We believe that the best products are made locally.

We hope you join the PetChatz and join 1000’s of happy pet parents who give Love, From Anywhere.

Give you and your dog the gift of  Digital Daycare with Camp PetChatz

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