Family Leave – for pets? According to USA Today, some employers in the UK are offering paid time off for pet owners to look after their “other” children – the four-legged kind. From a few hours to a few days, these lucky owners can help their pets get better, learn new behaviors (focused on new dogs – puppies or rescues – in the home).

  • As a pet friendly area of the world, this is one more way to boost morale in an ever more competitive employment environment.  You can read the entire story here: Paw-ternity
  • David vs. Goliath: in an intriguing move related to IoT (Internet of Things), start up EVA Automation (established 2014) has purchased British speaker company Bowers & Wilkins (established 1966). The new company will use the Bowers & Wilkins name and will focus on “changing how people interact and think about the home”.
    • Interesting – to say the least when the startup is on the acquisition end of a well-established, thriving company!
  • Seeing the Big Picture: The Huffington Post reports about a service dog that got their picture in the year book – right next to the person they are serving!!  The Golden Doodle – Presley – has been part of the Good Hope Middle School community every day as Joseph “Seph” Ware’s companion. Seph & Presley
    • Somebody is seeing the big picture here!
  • Can Your Cat Talk to You? From the “interesting” department comes an article about how your cat uses their tail can actually tell a tale. From pleasure and excitement to fear and anxiety you can tell a lot about how your feline friend is feeling by observing how she holds her tail.  For details, here is a link to the story: Cat Language?