Vacation Season

As summer approaches, the flood of “Family Vacations” is coming quickly.  From car trips (I remember these somewhat fondly) to fly away vacations, there is a lot of activity on the roads, in airports, in hotels and other vacation hotspots.

Prepare for these trips by making sure your pets are safe and secure.  Some options:

  • Pet sitters – local neighborhood folks who will either take your pet while you are gone or visit your pet to make sure they are okay (more common with cats)
  • Boarding/Kennels – hotels for dogs and cats, these groups will keep your pet happy and, usually, entertained while you are gone. Cost is an issue here as the day rate can range from $13 – $100+ per day depending on what you want.  Read the reviews – you want your best friend going someplace fun where he can play and interact with both humans and other pets
  • Bring them with!! Many folks will bring their pets with them (especially with car trips) – but the pet is still usually relegated to the hotel room, camper or other accommodations while their humans go off and have fun.  With a PetChatz stand, you can now “Be Anywhere, From Anywhere”.  Just mount your PetChatz unit on the stand and connect to your hotspot or the hotel’s (or campground’s) WiFi and you will be good to go!
  • Father’s Day
    • While we have many female customers, more men purchase PetChatz units than women – usually as gifts for both their loved ones (human and furry). Make them part of the program with our PetChatz stand for Father’s Day – with a 15% off promotion running for the beginning of summer, this will make a perfect Father’s Day gift for everyone.  This will make your communications portable – whether for a day trip, long weekend or full on vacation.  Enjoy the time away – and make sure your pet does too!
  • PetChatz 2.0
    • Well, our Bark Squad has been working feverishly to upgrade the PetChatz operating system and we are now in Alpha Test. This software upgrade (when ready, this will be available for all units as an over the air update – just like an app!) will upgrade a variety of issues including connectivity and service speed/smoothness.  This has been a very cool process to go through behind the scenes as our team “digs in” to the heart of our system and makes the entire experience better for our users.  Look for more information via email and on our web site!
  • A little information from “The Mad Chatter”
    • As June begins we will be testing all sorts of communication programs to enhance the overall experience of our installed base (our users, customers, consumers or other name folks may be used to). Our goal is to get better connected with everyone in the PetChatz universe and begin to explore how to show you several things:
      • How to best train your pet on how to interact with PetChatz
      • How to train yourself on how to best use this to engage with your pet
      • Benefits of developing the pet/human bond via the Internet of Things (IoT) – like behavior modification (is barking ever an issue when you are gone?), stimulation (we are working on a game mode for the PetChatz unit via our soon to be launched PawCall accessory)
      • How to maximize your pet’s well-being by using our holistic multi-sensory approach – using scent, sound, food and video to relieve both your anxiety about your furry friend being home alone as well as their worry about whether you will ever come back!
    • We will be publishing our blog monthly – with a new level of information and engagement with you and with your pets. Let us know what types of things you want to know about – and we can include them next month!