YouTube has thousands of videos of dogs watching TV, and an increasing number of dog parents admit that they saw their pooch watching TV more than once. The shift to digital televisions and flat screen TV’s has also contributed to the growth in the numbers of dogs that watch TV. In a survey conducted by the American Kennel Club, nearly half of those surveyed had dogs that showed interest in what was happening on the television screen.

We have found a direct correlation to dogs that watch TV to those who respond to the image on the PetChatz screen. It has been our experience that approximately 50% of dogs respond to seeing their owner’s image on the PetChatz screen. These dogs are also known to watch TV. This is especially true if there is an interesting object moving on the screen. We recommend that you wave or use some motion with your hands to catch your pet’s attention during a PetChatz chat.

If your pet does not respond to seeing your image on a screen, he will still be compelled by hearing your voice, smelling the aromatherapy scent and getting a treat from you while you’re away. Your pet will quickly learn to associate PetChatz with fun.