Our pets need social companionship.  Unfortunately, since most of us have to work, many pets spend time home alone. Research shows that social isolation is one of the most significant stressors for dogs. For some dogs, this can even lead to separation anxiety.

Our pet’s need for play, mental stimulation, physical activity, and companionship are real. And if you can’t afford “day care” or “dog walkers”, PetChatz is a great way to provide mental and emotional stimulation during the long, lonely times you have to be away.

PetChatz allows you and your pet to see and hear each other remotely. By giving your pet the chance to see and hear you, you provide your pet contact with you and interrupt the social isolation. And while you are interacting with your pet, PetChatz releases a calming scent that the pet learns to associate with this fun experience.

You can also give a treat to your pet with PetChatz – either for fun or as a reward.  Asking your dog to do something for a treat is a source of mental stimulation, because your dog has to figure out what she has to do to make that treat appear.

While nothing can substitute for in-person time with you, PetChatz allows your pet to see you, hear you, and be rewarded for good behavior, even when you aren’t there.