PetChatz’ Ultimate Dog Grooming Guide: How to get your dog red carpet ready

Most people don’t realize that grooming is so much more than making a dog look his best. Taking proper and regular care about your dog is of equal importance as feeding him with nutritious dog food and taking him to regular vet checkups.

Grooming gives you an opportunity to assess your dog’s overall appearance and health. Bathing your dog once a month will keep him clean and you can check his body for any suspicious lumps.

Depending on your dog’s coat type you will have to brush him less or more frequently. Long-haired dogs can develop mats so it is important to groom their coat twice a week.

Paws are the area most owners forget about but they are also a part of grooming. Give your dog a massage once in a while and keep his pads hydrated with moisturizing cream.

While you do that you can also check if your dog’s nails need trimming. Typically, a dog can have his nails trimmed once in every 4 or 6 weeks.

And while dogs don’t really care if their breath stinks, you should. Proper dental care will keep a dog’s teeth clean and without any plaque and tartar deposits.

It is best to brush your dog’s teeth every day, and if that isn’t possible start using dental rinses, toys, and kibble to scrub the teeth. You should also clean your dog’s ears with the proper cleaning solution once a week.

Additionally, if your dog sports hairs growing from his ears use tweezers to pluck them. This will encourage the ears to stay dry and prevent bacterial overgrowth and waxy buildup.

Bathing, brushing, teeth, nail, paw, and ear care are all equally important segments of grooming and they shouldn’t be avoided. For expert advice and more tips on how to take care of your dog check our ultimate dog grooming guide.



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