What You Need to Know to Walk Your Dog Safely at Night

Bonding with your pet dog in most cases involves spending as much time as you can with it and simple activities such as going on walks. It helps you clear your mind, relaxes your dog as well as gives both you and your dog some exercise.

It is, unfortunately, true that accidents may happen to your dog during these walks. Most accidents involving pets happen when walking your dog in the late night or early morning hours when it may still be dark. Most of the disasters to pets during these hours have been associated with traffic (1). Here are some tips on how to walk your dog safely at night

6 Tips on How to Walk Your Dog Safely at Night

Walking your dog safety at night is not as easy or difficult as it may sound too different people. For safe walks, you need to take some precautions that protect both you and your dog during these walks

  1. Led Light Collars and Reflective Vests

Oncoming traffic at night may be one of the most significant threats to walking your dog at night. Putting a lit neck collar on your dog allows motorists to see your dog from a distance to avoid any accidents. Led lights help improve your dog’s visibility in the dark.

Wiki How recommends the use of reflective wear (2). Reflective wear such as reflective vests helps improve your dog’s visibility to motorists from a distance. Reflective vests may also further serve as your dog’s jacket. Since the night may be cold, use of a warm, reflective vest helps keep your dog warm during these walks.

Some other dog accessories are also available in the market today including Reflective arm and leg bands. These are especially highly popular among owners of smaller sized dogs.

Also, you should also use the harness when walking with dogs, since they provide better control over the dog and keep distracted pups focused.

  1. Retractable Dog Leashes

A dog leash is your perfect companion when it comes to night walking. This is more so the case in instances where the dog may not yet be used to night walking. With a dog leash, you can make sure your dog does not wander too far off.

Go to the dog store and find the best retractable dog leash available. The best retractable dog leash will have some qualities. This may include bright colors and led lights to improve its visibility. A retractable dog leash will allow you to get control of your dog’s movements while letting your dog the freedom of movement. It is especially useful and recommended to persons and pets who are new to dog walking.

  1. Practice Walking Safely

Before going for night walks, make sure your dog is ready for it (3). It is obvious that if your dog gives you a hard time walking at night, you will most likely not enjoy the walk. Make sure your dog understands it needs to walk with you and not wander too far off. If it still does, take time to train it better before starting night walks.

  1. Familiar Routes – Stay on Sidewalks and Well-lit Areas

Use usual routes during your walks. On usual ways, you understand how the traffic is and have less chance of surprises (4). Exploring new paths, a night may land you in trouble or even lose directions back. When sticking to well-lit areas, chances are you can be seen and therefore safe from oncoming traffic. You can better look at your path and advertently more keen on your surroundings.

  1. Carry Your Phone with You

Your phone is a crucial part of your safety in case of emergency. You should ensure you have your phone with you and fully charged when going for walks at night. It will help you call for assistance in case you get into a tricky situation. Your phone may also assist you in finding your way back home in case you get lost. These among other useful features such as the flashlight are vital reasons why you should always have your phone with you when going for night walks

  1. Pay Attention to Traffic, Road Signs and Crosswalks and Your Surroundings

Most accidents with dogs have been attributed to the owners not paying enough attention to their surroundings. This risk is even higher in the night when you cannot vision may be limited. To best protect your dog and remain safe you should make sure all your senses are on alert by avoiding headphones, always using your phone among other distractive scenarios. What you see is what you do not run into. Since traffic is the greatest danger on night walks, walking against traffic helps you can better understand what comes. Choose the sidewalk where you see oncoming traffic and where your dog is to reduce risks of traffic accidents.


Your pet is one of the most essential companions to many people. As such, you should aim to help your dog remain comfortable both physically and mentally. Walks are a great way to help you achieve these objectives. It is understandable that for some reason you may not be able to take your dog for a walk during the day.

This being the case, you may find time during the night to compensate for the same.

Following the above tips, helps keep you and your dog safe during these walks at all times. Accidents are unfortunate instances that we do not plan for and have no control over. While this may be true, protecting yourself against accidents is very much possible and should be keenly followed. Keep both you and your dog safe today.


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