While most people are fascinated by PetChatz’s two-way video technology and dog cameras, pet mom Jodi Halvorson sees it as more than just a way to check in during the day: It’s the perfect training tool for her little lady, Stormy.

Jodi always knew that Stormy was a particular dog. She instantly fell in love, and since adopting her from HerdUNeededaHome in Bend, Oregon in December 2015, their bond has only grown stronger. An avid runner, Jodi found a perfect partner in her active pup.

“She has become my best trail running buddy and is working up to being an ultra-running dog. She can run upwards of 40 miles in a weekend. I am hoping that she will be able to run sections of the Pacific Crest Trail with me next year.”

The two are inseparable, so naturally, when Jodi planned a weekend away to do some running in the desert, she knew she would miss her number one trail companion like crazy. So she purchased PetChatz, the best dog camera.

“Stormy is such a smart girl, and since she loves food, we knew it wouldn’t be hard to get her interested in PetChatz. PetChatz has not only provided us with a way to check in on Stormy but also with a training tool.”

After just a few short training sessions, Stormy quickly recognized the PetChatz ringtone and would come running whenever mom called. Then it was time to introduce PawCall.

“It has been so fun to watch her use the PawCall, we mostly use it in training mode right now, but she loves to hit the button with her paw and look at the treats pop out. Occasionally, she just stands in front of the button and looks at me, waiting for it to flash so she can play with her dog camera.”